Sunday, February 25, 2007

Hanging Head in Shame

I am such a bad blogger!!!! I haven't posted in forever.....I haven't KNIT in forever either! My little business, KnitWit Momma Stitchmarkers, has taken off so fast. I am so amazed at how many orders I am getting. My stitchmarkers are in over 20 shops around the country and each day I get requests for samples.

I am trying to redo the pictures of my markers so that I can get a small brochure/price list printed. I am picture taking challenged, so if anyone knows of a photographer that would like a small job, please let me know!

I am actually all caught up with my orders so there may be some knitting taking place here tonight!

I was supposed to go to Stitches West this weekend. Supposed to is the key word.......let me show you why I couldn't go......

Image hosted by

And this picture was taken on Friday. It started to snow last night and hasn't stopped yet. I can't complain, we really needed the moisture!

Saturday, February 03, 2007