Sunday, February 19, 2006

Alllllll Aboarddd

Whoo Hooo, it was my turn to get the drill! Kate from Knits and Grits sent it to me with the most wonderful gifts inside. Not only were the gifts great, look at the packaging.

I Love that there were sheep stamps on the outside, and then look inside..... a pink explosion!

Of course Katie and Ben claimed the candy, and I have a feeling that they were meant to be for them anyway!

After unwrapping all the pink, this is what I found,

A beautiful skein of Opal Flamingo sock yarn (pink of course), a Clemson postcard, 5 inch Bryspun US2 DPN's, wool wash, stitch makers, and a stitch holder.

I have been dying to get one of those stitch holders, but haven't found them in any yarn shop I have been in. The DPN's look really nice and Katie says they are great. All of my sock needles are bamboo or birch so I look forward to trying them out.

Thanks again Katie, you made me "pink" :-) Oh and everyone, go look at Katie's kids, they are beautiful. I just want to hug her little baby.

This Yarn Aboard swap has been so much fun. Amanda had a great idea and she did a great job putting it together.

My box of goodies will be on it's way Thursday....I have to wait for the postman to bring one of the goodies that I am sending out. Want a hint to where it's going? A long way.......

My Scarf Pal is the best....yes, even better than yours


She knit me Ene. Yes, Ene. In laceweight baby alpaca. Can you believe it? Really can you? It is so beautiful, so soft, and so warm. My middle son tries to use it as a blanket. He tries to take it OFF ME and use it. Of course he can't pry it off me because I wear it all the time. Here she is in all her glory.

Not only did she knit this for me, she also sent me some sock yarn, and stitch markers with matching earrings. I love the pink sock yarn and will have to find the perfect pattern for it.

Celia I have no words to express how beautiful this shawl is. I am so flattered that you went to all the trouble to knit this for me. People, please go tell Celia that she is so kind....and wish her well on her upcoming marriage!

LOVING the Blues :-)

Some time ago I was reading Teresa's blog, Knitting the Blues. For the ABC along she was showing off pictures of "blue" for B. In one she had this AMAZING (of course) with sheep on it. Turns out that she collects tea pots and sheep. I just fell in love with that tea's right up my ally, kind of folk art, country style.

Anyway, the next day she told this story about how her Mom buys her anything she comes across that pertains to what she collects. Even if it isn't really her style. I commented about how my Mother in Law is like that. She means well and I love her gifts but I collect a certain type of cow material..... I then get this email from Teresa telling me that she has this cow teapot and wants to send it to me. How sweet is that? I told her she didn't have to.... and look what showed up.

I love the back. So do the kids, they crack up when I turn it around!

I just love it and it is sitting on the windowsill in my kitchen where I am most of the day (3 kids=LOTS of dishes).

Thanks again Teresa and watch your mail, I am on a mission to find the perfect thank you gift!

Oh no, I just found that same tea pot with a sheep on it....I may have to get that. What did you start Teresa?

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

I've been a bad SP...6

I never did publicly thank my wonderful SPA for her last packages. Things got so hectitc at the end of that SP round, with us moving and all....but still that is no excuse. My SPA was The Knitting Wannabe, and I couldn't have asked for a better one!

I don't have a picture of the last package, it arrived the day the movers were there and well, it has all been spread to the four corners of the house!

I did get some beautiful sock yarn (picture to come), an ornament for our Christmas tree, bath confetti, and some Choxie truffles. (Note to NOT leave the truffles out for DH to see, he will eat all but one!)

The ornament took center stage on our Christmas tree. Since we were in the corporate apartment for Christmas, I had to run out and buy a fake tree and some things to put on it. I bought some really cheap things, and the one beautiful one was the one my SP sent. Thanks for making the tree feel more like ours :-)

My Sp was going through a move as well. I feel that I complained about being away from Greg for a month, she had to do it for 6! God bless her, being a "single" mom is hard! Now she is all moved across the country to Washington. Drop by her blog, she just saw her first sleet and had to ask the neighbor what it was LOL.

Music Meme

I was tagged by Amanda for a music meme. It won't be easy because I mostly listen to older music, think 80's.... or country. Shhhhh my favorite band is Poison. I now feel like SUCH A DORK that I actually admitted that.

Funny story, I was SUPER pissed when I found out that Poison was going to be playing near me 2 DAYS before my due date with my oldest child. Greg talked me out of buying tickets. (good thing since she was 3 weeks early!)

Next time they are within 500 miles of me I WILL GO. And I will buy Aqua-Net, poof my hair, tease my bangs be PROUD of it!

(Now if you are reading this and are too young to know who Poison is stop. Download a song. And FEEL the 80's .)

Ok on with the Meme:

List seven songs you are into right now. No matter what the genre, whether they have words, or even if theyÂ’re any good, but they must be songs youÂ’re really enjoying now. Post these instructions in your blog along with your seven songs. Then tag seven other people to see what theyÂ’re listening to.

Your Love (Outfield) - Because I like to sing along

I Won't Forget You (Poison) - Ahhh the 80's ballad sung by men with more makeup than me.

Best I Ever Had (Gary Allen) - LOVE this guys voice, so haunting

Travelin' Soldier (Dixie Chicks) - Makes me cry.....makes me think of my Dad

Sweet Southern Comfort (Buddy Jewell) - Because I miss the south. Can you believe that someone can MISS humidity?

Faithfully (Journey) - This makes me think of Greg, I think because we danced to this at his 20th reunion

My Immortal (Evanescence) - agathe voiceice beautiful. The whole CD is great.

Now to tag 7 ok here goes:
Catherine, Heather, Mini, Glacia, Carola, lol can that be it?

Where has the time gone.....

James turned one last week.....Why do they have to grow up?

Image hosted by

And Katie started a new preschool....

Image hosted by

I would post a picture of Ben but he has a new habit of being NAKED all the time. It is always something with little boys! Tonight I dined with a naked superhero, sounds good you say? Not if the superhero is almost 3, and is wearing your cashmere shawl as a cape. I did get a picture but don't want to see it:-)