Wednesday, March 28, 2007

So much to blog

Does anyone else go around making blog entries up in their heads? I do, but I never seem to be able to actually sit down and type them all out! Today while I was eating a piece of baguette with some spinach dip on it I was thinking of an entry about my husband... skip the next two paragraphs is you want to get right to the knitting....

I met Greg when I went away to college at Boise State University (yes, the one with the blue football field....and yes birds do die on it). I moved into an apartment complex called the quads. It's kind of like a dorm...just not run by the University. You rent a room and 4 rooms share a common living room and kitchen. I picked a co-ed apartment because there was NO WAY I wanted to share with three other girls. Greg was one of the people already living there. He wasn;t going to school, he already had an MBA, but was going back and forth to Montana for work. I only saw him every other weekend.

He and I never dated while I lived in Idaho. In fact, I used to go try and find him a date! He and I used to sit up into the night talking. I was always so happy when he was around. I used to cook dinners for him and the roommate's...worked out great for me. I liked to cook, and they always bought all the food :-) Anyway, when Greg was home, we would go to Albertson's and buy a baguette and some smoked Salmon. We would eat cream cheese, smoked salmon and bread for movies and stay up till the crack of dawn. Cutting my baguette today made me think of that! Took me a move to California and a last minute visit to San Fran by Greg and some of his friends for us to realize that dating should be in our future..... 9 years later here we are :-)

Ok, enough mushy stuff :-) I have been knitting! I have been so busy that knitting isn't something that I have really had time for. Like right now.....the boys are asleep and Katie's in school...... I have a list of things that I could use this time for.....

1. I could knit
2. I have orders for 3 yarn store to fill
3. I could do dishes (WHY do dishes multiply so rapidly?)
4. I could email my SP10 group
5. I could pick up the new book I got from Amazon that I am having a hard time putting down
6. I could do the MOUNTAIN of homework in my Peachtree class that I am letting pile up
7. Or I could blog

Guess what I chose? :-) The others will just have to wait until I finish this.

I have been knitting for my Father in Law. I made him a Fun Fur Chemo hat as a joke. A big, fuzzy, hot pink joke! He has been doing well with his treatments. There is another spot of cancer that they found. This time on his brain. We are all praying that the radiation will shrink it. SO far so good..... I have to knit him a real hat soon....the kids think I should knit him a purple one like the pink one....

He's such a goofball!

I am also almost done with a Regia sock. this picture was taken a while ago and I am now almost to the toe.

The small needles have been hurting my hands, so I called my Mom and asked if she would knit me the other one. She said yes, and knowing her and her speed needles, I will have a finished pair in a week or less :-)

And I had to add this picture of my daughter. See the hat she's wearing? My Mom knitted it for me when I was her age.

Image hosted by

It's a varigated pink acrylic yarn, but it has stood the test of time and I like the fact that she can have something that was mine.

Regular blogging to commence....I have to practice what I preach for my SP10 group!

Thursday, March 08, 2007

There has been a FO!

But I can't show you right now. I have until 5pm tomorrow to finish my worksheets in my Excel class. I have decided I hate Excel! HATE IT HATE IT HATE IT!

I am currently pulling my hair out trying to use the IF function. Any Excel GURU's out there?

Post with pictures as soon as I finish all this homework.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

And I thought March would be a good month for us......

This year hasn't started out well. Last month we saw the passing of my husband's Grandma. She was 96 years old. She had been in great health and just before Christmas she started to get ill. She was tired and ready to go. Her death was hard on me, but I am glad that I go to see her one last time while we were in Montana last summer.

March was supposed to look up for us. We should be able to pay off all our debt. This is a BIG thing. We have been working on this for almost 6 years now and paying it off will be a big accomplishment for us.

But the phone just rang. My Father in Law has lung cancer. Two types of cancer were found in his lungs. Next week will be tests to find out if it has spread. Surgery is not going to be done to remove the tumors. Chemo and Radiation are the plan for now.

Please keep him in your thoughts.

Oh, has anyone made a men's Chemo hat? Patterns? Pictures of the hats?