Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Hey Moneybags.......

I'm worn out. Why do little boys have to be such little boys? The local ER has become on a first name basis with us this past week. One week ago tonight my darling 2 and a half year old was playing with some pennies. Pennies you ask? Why was a 2 year old playing with coins? Let's just say that an adult that lives here (there are 2 that live here, and I am NOT talking about me) let him play with them. Minutes later there was one less penny. Where did it go? DOWN HIS THROAT. He was fine but I was sure upset. After a call to the hospital Daddy and Ben left.

Hours later they were back. Ben was sleepy (it was 10:30pm) and Dad was a wreak. They did x-rays and saw that it was in his stomach, a good sign. The next day he was fine. Daddy just has the fun job of checking if the penny was out. Thursday was more x-rays to see the progress. It had moved into the colon but wasn't progressing as rapidly as they thought it should. They prepared us for the worst.... a colonoscopy on a 2 YEAR OLD!

Fast forward to Saturday night. Ben jumps off the couch and splits his eyelid. No ER visit, just some TLC from mom and he was ok. Sunday morning however TLC wasn't enough.

I was blowdrying my hair and in walks in covered in blood. He had cracked his nose on the hearth...the stone hearth. I thought that it might be broken because of the swelling, and the fact that it wouldn't stop bleeding. So back to the ER we went. No broken nose. It's just bruised and swollen still today.

But the good news...Ben made change! Thank goodness. Now if I can only get him to give 100.00's we'd be all set!

Knitting tomorrow I promise. I've gotten a lot done...I've been a bit worried about Ben ad the knitting helps. :-)

Saturday, October 15, 2005

It's Done......

My Leaf Lace Shawl is finished. I made it a bit smaller by taking out one pattern repeat. I will be making this again. I think one in a lace weight would be very nice.

Pattern: Leaf Lace Shawl by Fiber Trends
Yarn: Lornas Lace Shepard Sock in Tuscany
Needles: Addi size 5, 24 inch

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Here it is all streched out. It hasn't been blocked yet, I am having it done by the owner of Filatis so that it will be perfect. I really think that Greg's Grandmother will like this.

I am waiting on yarn to start 2 Liesel scarves for presents too. I picked out Aurora 8 and Blue Sky Alpaca, Silk and Alpaca both in a plum color. I ordered it from Knit Happens on Wed so it should be here next week. In the mean time I am working on the Irish Hiking Scarf. My needle exchange pal sent me Britney Cable needles and I LOVE them. I have been wanting them for so long, I just never think to buy them when I am in a yarn shop.

Speaking of my Needle Exchange Pal.....it was Cyn of I Hate Waiting. She sent me a pair of size 6 Britney Birch needles, Cable needles, a package of yarn bras, (I love the name too), and a beautiful candle. I didn't take a picture so I'll have to gather everything up and take a picture tonight. Thanks so much Cyn!

Things are starting to feel like fall and winter here. Right up to the COLD that I got. It's the strangest cold ever. In the evening I start to feel stuffy and my throat gets scratchy, I wake up at night to blow my nose....then around 9am I feel all better. So very strange. The sad part is that James got it too. I hate when babies are sick. Katie and Ben had a touch of it and are all well and of course Greg didn't get sick at all.

We are off to the Sacramento area tomorrow to head to Bishop's Pumpkin Farm. The kids should have a great time!!

Saturday, October 08, 2005

An Almost FO

I thought I would have a picture of my finished Leaf Lace Shawl but no. Just before I started the edging I took it off the needles to see how big it would be....I thought it was a little small. So I put it back on the needles and did one more pattern repeat. I started the edging last night. My goal is to have it done by Monday. My parents are coming up tomorrow and if it's done than Mom can take it back to the shop where the owner will block it.

It is supposed to be a Christmas present for Greg's grandmother but I think I will send it to her when it's finished. I think she will get some use out of it before winter since Montana has already had snow!!!

I'll be glad once the shawl is finished....then I can move on to more Christmas knitting. My plan is to make something for my Mom, my Sister, and if I can squeeze it out, something for Greg's two sisters. I have decided on the Patches of Berries Scarf from Koigu for Mom. I have heard awful things about this pattern and haven't found anyone who had done it yet. So we will see if I can do it. I ordered the Koigu from Patternworks and boy it sure takes a long time to get here! That will be the next thing on the needles.

I have been wanting to make the "Friday Harbor Socks" from Nancy Bush's Knitting on the Road. I fell in love with them on Jackie's blog. Maybe in the new year I will knit something for myself. Of course I have to get the book first.

I have joined Lolly's Socktoberfest since I am knitting mates for two socks this month. Should be a fun knit a long.

Well, long entry and no pictures. I'll have to post more today. I have to show off my needle exchange gift..and tell you about the swap I started!