Saturday, June 07, 2008

McDonald's has stolen my heart

It's no secret that I like McDonald's. Give me one of their smushed, greasy, tiny cheeseburgers any day and I will gladly eat it. But something has happened that has made me swoon at the thought of going to McDonald's. Are you ready for it?


The remarkable part..... I'm in CALIFORNIA!! I thought I would die last week when I saw it. I bought the largest cup of it and immediately called Catherine. (Catherine didn't care. She lives in the land of sweet tea and hates it. Traitor.)

Now I grew up in Virginia. Northern Virginia. Sweet tea wasn't as abundant as it is in the southern part of the state, but you could still get a decent glass of sweet tea at many places. Check out this Virginia Experiment. Cracked me up! Once I moved to California I realized that SWEET tea wasn't in anyone's vocabulary. Shocking isn't it?

Now I am as happy as can be. It's a little taste of home. Anyone that knows me knows that I get so homesick for the east coast that sometimes it's unbearable. Fall is the worst with summer right behind.....

Now you must excuse me before I get homesick..... I am going to McDonald's!

Friday, June 06, 2008


Originally uploaded by KnitWit Momma

Just a small portion of my stash that I decided to photograph the other day. Got to get the Rav database all caught up!

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Houston.....There's Gonna be a Problem

Texas look out! I am headed to Houston at the end of the month to stay with Mama Llama herself!

She and I have been friends for about 10 years now and I hate that she moved to the hottest place on earth Texas. She is celebrating 2 years in business as Mama Llama by throwing a party. Now how could I not hop on a plane and be there for that?

Three more weeks and I get to have a relaxing weekend with my best friend! And this time she is going to teach me to dye!

Schools Out for Summer......

Ok, who's singing the Alice Cooper song? Admit it, you were! Yesterday was the last day of school and boy am I glad. I'm not looking forward to having all three home everyday, but I am looking forward to not dealing with the other parents for a while. I thought I graduated high school....and that's all I have to say about that :-)

I put together two large fund raising projects for the Parent Teacher Club. One was a cookbook. I collected recipes, typed them ALL in, proofread, ordered, marketed and sold. ALL BY MYSELF. I have to say that I am pretty proud of how it turned out. $10.00 each and I ship :-)

The other one was our Spring Carnival. At least that one I had some help. I was the chairperson and I had two awesome woman help me out. It was a great time and we raised $4000.00 in 3 hours. Now for a town as small as ours, that is a huge amount!

Now that school is over, I have my time back. Although I need to learn to say no. We have a organization that is trying to stimulate economic growth in our town and I was asked to head up a committee in that as well. I am not sure how much economic growth there is going to be with the economy the way that it is.... but I have kept that opinion to myself.

Since I have been volunteering so much, knitting hasn't really happened. I have been working on a blanket for my Father in Law. It's kind of hard for me to knit it. Part of me feel that he can't pass away as long as I am knitting it. Then I think about how I would feel if he passes and I haven't finished it. I've never had a WIP that is so emotional! I am close to finishing and really need to plug through it. I don't have much time. He's forgetting most things and people now, and I would like him to remember who I am when he gets it. The tumors in his brain are affecting him the most.

Right now I have to go start reading. I start school on Tuesday night. 3 hours of English, 2 nights a week. Could I be any luckier? Of course reading is better than what I doing right now. I'm watching Work Out and eating cheesecake..... two pieces of cheesecake. I find that very funny ;-)