Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Fire all around......

I have never been scared of fire. I have never had an evacuation plan. I am now scared and now need to formulate a plan. Have you heard about the Lake Tahoe fire? It was being contained and today about 3, it jumped the lines and is spreading. It's much too far to burn all the way here (I hope), but we have friends that lost a house, and we have friends that work up there. My husband is the manager of a grocery store, and one of the stores up there is being evacuated. This fire is hitting too close to home for me.

** Edited to add..... From my house to the fire it is 37 miles. The fire will never reach here. I will NOT think about the 35 mile winds that are to come tomorrow, and I will not think about the fact that the winds are going to blow in my direction.

On the other side of us there is another fire. This one is small and will probably will be put out soon, but the thought of fire scares me. We live IN the forest. Right smack dab in the middle of it. If there was a fire, the houses would go up in flames in a minute. I really need to put some things together in case that ever happens.

I had my post planned out to show you this beautiful sock yarn that Susie dyed for me. It's beautiful and it really deserves it's own post. So I will leave you with a picture of 2 boys making "Bug Soup". :-)

There will be bath's tonight!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Socks, Yarn, and More!

I started this sock while I was seeing Stephanie speak in Petaluma. I didn't have any good travel knitting, so I thought a plain vanilla sock would be perfect. I bought this yarn off of Etsy, from Twisted. I just LOVE the way that the colors are striping. I have had 3 non knitters ask me to make them something out of this yarn. Sorry guys, this sock is for ME!

I also found this beautiful yarn on Etsy. I had read about it in a post from Laurie, I think.....so I jumped over to Sophie's Toes and read about their next update. I sat on the computer, hitting refresh over and over again just hopping that there would be one of this colorway in her update. I was so lucky that there was ONE skein, and I got it!!!!

Isn't it BEAUTIFUL!!! It's called American Patchwork. I can not wait to start knitting it.

I also joined a new sock club over at Wool Girl. It looks like it will be fun, and it's not a huge amount of money like some.

I am still working on Butterfly, but it's slow going right now. I can only knit it when the kids are in bed, and I have been so tired lately. I have a few orders and samples that I need to get made for KnitWit Momma. I am more than likely going to have surgery on my left hand to remove a cyst and I have a feeling that my knitting and stitchmarker making will be slowed down a bit by it!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Meeting the Harlot......

Harlot and I
Originally uploaded by KnitWit Momma

Petaluma was a blast. The talk that the Yarn Harlot gave was wonderful but really the best part was getting away for the day with my Mom. It was nice to spend some time with her without three little whirlwinds running around us.

Another very cool thing was that when I gave Stephanie a gift of KnitWit Momma stitchmarkers, she looked up at me and said " I know who you are. I know exactly who you are." That sure made me feel good.

Winery height=

The next day Mom and I took the long way home through the Napa Valley. We stopped at a few wineries and just enjoyed the drive.

When I got home, the kids greeted me by telling me that I had to see the spider in the garage. Thankfully it was already dead when they found it.

Spider height=

Would you look at the size of this thing!!! I am not sure what kind of spider this is, but I sure hope he was the only one living within 100 miles of us!

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Going to see the Harlot.

It's 8 am on the first day of summer vacation......When does school start again? *Sign*, it's going to be a long summer.

The yarn Harlot is going to be in Petaluma tonight and my Mother and I are going. I am super excited to be able to go spend the night away with just Mom and I.

Remember that oh so romantic trip to Tahoe? Didn't happen. Things were all set. Reservations at a hotel, reservations at Tahoe's best restaurant....plans for things to do.... and the day before we leave, THE CAR BREAKS DOWN. Greg was in a meeting in Tahoe, and on the way home the car dies. Turns out it was the timing belt. So all our vacation money went into the car. Oh well. We just have to go in the fall.

So anyway, not much knitting has been done....but I plan to do some tonight.

Pictures after the Harlot!