Sunday, August 02, 2009

Can't talk, Beading!

This in my kitchen table as I get ready for Sock Summit in Portland. My nails are ruined, my wrist is swollen, and I have a zit in my face the size of Montana from the stress.

Got to get back to work.

Friday, July 31, 2009

I really should start posting again!

I've realized that making a bog move means that you need to take some time to settle in. I'm no sure if I would all myself "settled" here in Montana, but it's getting much better. Mom and Dad now live down the street, and I feel much better with them so close. The kids love having them in the same town and so do I.

I'm pretty excited about my trip to Portland for Sock Summit. Catherine, of Mama Llama has a booth and I am going to go help her work. I've been working my butt of making stitchmarkers for her booth. I hope that my sales will be good..... this may help a bit...

My stitchmarkers in Vogue Knitting!!!! I'm number 6 and 16! I knew that they were going to be included but I am very happy that they chose 2 different sets. The ceramic sheep were in Fall 08 Interweave Knits as well and I am glad that they put in a pewter set also.

I haven't been knitting much other than a pair of socks for my sister in law. Nothing fancy, just a plain vanilla sock.

I must get working ..... Lots of stuff to plan and pack for Portland. I leave early Wednesday morning to drive. Should take me 9 hours. 9 blissful hours in the car alone. I plan to crank the music and sing badly the whole way there!

Lots of pictures when I get back!

Sunday, May 10, 2009


I admit it. I am addicted to Facebook. ADDICTED!

But on the off chance that people still read my blog, I have a favor to ask.

My daughter and I entered a Mother-Daughter Look a like contest.

I really want to win and was hoping that you would go vote for me. The link to our submission is HERE.

You can vote once a day up until Thursday. Please vote for us. Wanna see why I think we will win?Scary isn't it?

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Knitting..... ACTUAL KNITTING!

I was planning on taking you on a photographic tour of my new town, but mother nature decided to dump snow on us for a few days. Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to take some Montana pictures :-)

We didn't end up in the rental house that I spoke about a few posts ago. We are in a house near hubby's store. It's a smaller home than I am used to, but the convenience of being so close to his work won out. The town is very nice and I can walk almost everywhere. Sure saves on gas money! Of course I am not walking anywhere in this weather!

Here is one Mama Llama sock done. I messed up on the top of the foot. That's what I get for trying to knit while in the back seat of a jeep. While we were visiting Montana in October after our nephew passed away, we drove a total of 1300 miles in 5 days across Idaho and Montana. That was a lot of knitting time for me. Of course I can't look at my knitting while riding or I get car sick. Not looking at my knitting = mistakes. I didn't care enough to rip it back :-)

Mama Llama DK in Vino
Size 3 needles

Now I have to cast on for the second one. These were for my Mother in Law...but I hate to give away flawed knitting...

This is my Spiralucious cowl. It should be done tonight. I love the pattern but I have to say that I am very disappointed with the customer service. I bough the pattern about a month ago. I printed it out and never saved it. In the move I lost the printed pattern and emailed the owner of KnitSpot and told her what happened. I never got an email back. Not even an acknowledgement that I sent an email. I really wanted to finish it so I bought the pattern again. I even wrote a note in the paypal invoice asking that she refund my $ if she could verify that I bought this twice. Again, nothing. I like her patterns but at this point I don't think I will buy one from her again.

Modeled shots tomorrow :-)

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Is there such thing as settled?

Here we are in Montana! I only have one word. COLD. Don't believe me? Look.

This was the temp after I got back from bringing my CALIFORNIA BORN children to school. We are freezing our butts off. I have learned that I do not own a coat that is approved for Montana. I am shopping for a Carhart as we speak. Thank goodness the kids all have warm coats and long johns. I always forget about me when I am out shopping. I think it's a Mom thing.

I am slowly adjusting to Montana life. It's rough going from being busy all day to doing nothing. In Cali I was the annoying PTC treasurer Mom that was involved in everything at the school. This school doesn't have a parent group at all! I drop off the kids and then go pick them up. That's my day. But let me tell you..... my house is cleaner than it has ever been!

I have been knitting. I finished one sock from my super special stash of Mama Llama yarn. I am also working on Spiralucious. I should be finished with that this week. I need all the warmth I can get! I need to knit myself up some mittens as well. Some warm mittens! Any pattern suggestions?

Pictures tomorrow!

Oh yeah..... I decided to make scones this morning. I didn't have any DRIED blueberries on had, so I used frozen. Not a good idea. These are the ugliest scones ever. They taste great, but they sure are ugly!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Montana.....(If you're looking for knitting.... move along!)

I went to my new town last weekend.... or what I think will be my new town. I looked and looked and didn't really find a rental house that would suit us. There is one that I was unable to look at. It looks to me like "the one", but one of the owners lives in Washington state. She couldn't get a hold of the local owner to come and let me in.

I looked at one home that I could move into if I had to. It's a nice home but there were some additions built on to it that makes it hard to navigate. To get into 2 of the 3 bedrooms upstairs,and the upstairs bathroom, you have to walk through the third bedroom. There are no doors on the rooms, just these little accordion flimsy things. Also the stairs are kind of dangerous for my kids. Anyone that knows my children know that Ben has a bit of a gravity issue. Gravity and him do not get along. I can see him falling down the stairs and hurting himself. The stairs have no railings and come into one of the bedrooms....kind of in the middle of the floor. It's really unsafe.

I have pictures of all the homes that I looked at and I was going to post them. Then I decided that probably isn't the best idea :-)

I was just told of a home in Deer Lodge for rent. It sounds perfect! Too perfect. There is someone else who looked at it and will make a decision this week about it. So this means that I have to fly back to Montana on Friday. I just got home last night! Time to do it all over again! This Deer Lodge house is a no pet home. Now there is the delema of what to do with our cat. I hate to give her up. The thought makes me sick but I have no idea what to do with her.

Can't this move be easy? If anyone out there reading is from Deer Lodge or Anaconda..... help me out with this rental thing. This weekend is my last shot at renting something!

Oh and by the way Mom and Dad are moving with us. WHOOO HOOOOO!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

It's been a long time..........

It say it's been a long time would be an understatement. Life happened and this blog was the last thing on my mind.

Greg's nephew passed away in a car accident in late October. We flew up to Montana to see the family for a week..... two weeks after we were there, his Father passed. We drove back to Montana and stayed for two weeks. It was nice to be there. The circumstances may have been bad, but being surrounded by family was a nice comfort. There was Thanksgiving and then Christmas..... and here we are.

It's been tough. Now that Greg is not busy at work he has much more time to think about his Dad. He has just started to grieve and I sometimes feel at a loss. I don't always know what to say and I wish that I could take away his pain.

The other big news is that we are moving. Moving to Montana. I'm excited.... and sad. I think it will be a great move for us. Greg will be by his family, the kids will be around Aunts, Uncles, and Cousins. Something that I think they will love. The cost of living is much less there, and the schools are ranked in the top 10 in the nation. All things that make this move positive.

The one and only thing that makes this move sad is I am leaving my parents. Just typing it makes me cry. How can I take the kids away from their grandparents that they are so close to? I've lived away from them twice. Neither time lasted long. I wasn't ready and I am still not. I hope and pray that they will follow us. I can't bear the thought of seeing them only once or twice a year.

Greg starts work there On Feb 15th. I fly to Montana to find a house on Saturday. It's all so fast. I'll be busy and maybe I won't find the time to cry....