Saturday, March 14, 2009

Is there such thing as settled?

Here we are in Montana! I only have one word. COLD. Don't believe me? Look.

This was the temp after I got back from bringing my CALIFORNIA BORN children to school. We are freezing our butts off. I have learned that I do not own a coat that is approved for Montana. I am shopping for a Carhart as we speak. Thank goodness the kids all have warm coats and long johns. I always forget about me when I am out shopping. I think it's a Mom thing.

I am slowly adjusting to Montana life. It's rough going from being busy all day to doing nothing. In Cali I was the annoying PTC treasurer Mom that was involved in everything at the school. This school doesn't have a parent group at all! I drop off the kids and then go pick them up. That's my day. But let me tell you..... my house is cleaner than it has ever been!

I have been knitting. I finished one sock from my super special stash of Mama Llama yarn. I am also working on Spiralucious. I should be finished with that this week. I need all the warmth I can get! I need to knit myself up some mittens as well. Some warm mittens! Any pattern suggestions?

Pictures tomorrow!

Oh yeah..... I decided to make scones this morning. I didn't have any DRIED blueberries on had, so I used frozen. Not a good idea. These are the ugliest scones ever. They taste great, but they sure are ugly!


anne said...

i have two pairs of bellas mittens and they are sooooooo warm! they are the best mittens i wear them often when i walk my students to lunch everyday :) they're a quick lovely knit!

Jennifer said...

Ah yes - the bitter cold. I just have one word for you - LAYERS! lots and lots of them. Perhaps some handknit cashmere socks (or longjohns!). Now THAT would be warm. Good luck. Can't wait to see outdoor pictures from Montana.

Tonyia said...

Did you end up in the rental house you referred to in your last post, or are you somewhere you like better? Hope you LIKE the house you're spending so much time in!

And it WILL warm up, I promise!

dobarah said...

Welcome to Montana! Warm weather will get here eventually...honest! As for helping at the school, have you approached the school? We have community members come in every Friday morning for the k-3 students to read to them. I've had parents volunteer to make copies for me, or even help with bulletin boards. I can't imagine anyone turning down the offer of help!