Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Montana.....(If you're looking for knitting.... move along!)

I went to my new town last weekend.... or what I think will be my new town. I looked and looked and didn't really find a rental house that would suit us. There is one that I was unable to look at. It looks to me like "the one", but one of the owners lives in Washington state. She couldn't get a hold of the local owner to come and let me in.

I looked at one home that I could move into if I had to. It's a nice home but there were some additions built on to it that makes it hard to navigate. To get into 2 of the 3 bedrooms upstairs,and the upstairs bathroom, you have to walk through the third bedroom. There are no doors on the rooms, just these little accordion flimsy things. Also the stairs are kind of dangerous for my kids. Anyone that knows my children know that Ben has a bit of a gravity issue. Gravity and him do not get along. I can see him falling down the stairs and hurting himself. The stairs have no railings and come into one of the bedrooms....kind of in the middle of the floor. It's really unsafe.

I have pictures of all the homes that I looked at and I was going to post them. Then I decided that probably isn't the best idea :-)

I was just told of a home in Deer Lodge for rent. It sounds perfect! Too perfect. There is someone else who looked at it and will make a decision this week about it. So this means that I have to fly back to Montana on Friday. I just got home last night! Time to do it all over again! This Deer Lodge house is a no pet home. Now there is the delema of what to do with our cat. I hate to give her up. The thought makes me sick but I have no idea what to do with her.

Can't this move be easy? If anyone out there reading is from Deer Lodge or Anaconda..... help me out with this rental thing. This weekend is my last shot at renting something!

Oh and by the way Mom and Dad are moving with us. WHOOO HOOOOO!


Tonyia said...

Holy cow! That's rapid fire life changing news!

Boy, I'd be there, though. MONTANA! YAY!!

And your folks are going too, that's a great thing.

anne said...

yay for parents moving with you :)

i checked our paper today and i couldn't even find the classifieds (though it was a hectic day in the library, so i probably glossed over them) but I will check husband says there is a house for rent in anaconda for $750 i think...but i don't know any more than that. I will keep my ear to the ground though :)

Anonymous said...

It's been a while since I caught up with your blog (I've been a busy bunny!)I'm so pleased your parents are going with you. When I read about you leaving them behind, I was sat here thinking I couldn't do either. You just wait, now that problem is solved, the house deal will all fall into place and you'll wonder why you didn't move earlier. Take care x

KnittyOtter said...

What a change!! :O

That's great that you got your parents to go with you.

How are things coming along?