Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Knitting..... ACTUAL KNITTING!

I was planning on taking you on a photographic tour of my new town, but mother nature decided to dump snow on us for a few days. Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to take some Montana pictures :-)

We didn't end up in the rental house that I spoke about a few posts ago. We are in a house near hubby's store. It's a smaller home than I am used to, but the convenience of being so close to his work won out. The town is very nice and I can walk almost everywhere. Sure saves on gas money! Of course I am not walking anywhere in this weather!

Here is one Mama Llama sock done. I messed up on the top of the foot. That's what I get for trying to knit while in the back seat of a jeep. While we were visiting Montana in October after our nephew passed away, we drove a total of 1300 miles in 5 days across Idaho and Montana. That was a lot of knitting time for me. Of course I can't look at my knitting while riding or I get car sick. Not looking at my knitting = mistakes. I didn't care enough to rip it back :-)

Mama Llama DK in Vino
Size 3 needles

Now I have to cast on for the second one. These were for my Mother in Law...but I hate to give away flawed knitting...

This is my Spiralucious cowl. It should be done tonight. I love the pattern but I have to say that I am very disappointed with the customer service. I bough the pattern about a month ago. I printed it out and never saved it. In the move I lost the printed pattern and emailed the owner of KnitSpot and told her what happened. I never got an email back. Not even an acknowledgement that I sent an email. I really wanted to finish it so I bought the pattern again. I even wrote a note in the paypal invoice asking that she refund my $ if she could verify that I bought this twice. Again, nothing. I like her patterns but at this point I don't think I will buy one from her again.

Modeled shots tomorrow :-)

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Is there such thing as settled?

Here we are in Montana! I only have one word. COLD. Don't believe me? Look.

This was the temp after I got back from bringing my CALIFORNIA BORN children to school. We are freezing our butts off. I have learned that I do not own a coat that is approved for Montana. I am shopping for a Carhart as we speak. Thank goodness the kids all have warm coats and long johns. I always forget about me when I am out shopping. I think it's a Mom thing.

I am slowly adjusting to Montana life. It's rough going from being busy all day to doing nothing. In Cali I was the annoying PTC treasurer Mom that was involved in everything at the school. This school doesn't have a parent group at all! I drop off the kids and then go pick them up. That's my day. But let me tell you..... my house is cleaner than it has ever been!

I have been knitting. I finished one sock from my super special stash of Mama Llama yarn. I am also working on Spiralucious. I should be finished with that this week. I need all the warmth I can get! I need to knit myself up some mittens as well. Some warm mittens! Any pattern suggestions?

Pictures tomorrow!

Oh yeah..... I decided to make scones this morning. I didn't have any DRIED blueberries on had, so I used frozen. Not a good idea. These are the ugliest scones ever. They taste great, but they sure are ugly!