Sunday, May 27, 2007


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The start of my Butterfly. I t wasn't easy at first, but after ripping it out 4 times, I go the hang of it. I am really amazed at how fast it's going!

I a not feeling too well, so I am going to go back to laying on the couch and watching movies.

(Right now the Da Vinci Code is on......Loved the book, but the movie? Not so much.)

Saturday, May 26, 2007

A New Store

You have to check out this new online store. It's Great! It's Awesome! My pocketbook hates me!


She has an amazing mix of unique yarns. Yarns that I haven't seen anywhere else. She also has a great program starting. On your 7th order, you get a goody bag from her. Who doesn't want free yarny stuff?

So go check her out :-)

** I am in a way affiliated with Woolgirl. She sells my markers but that it NOT why I am posting this. Lots of stores carry my markers and I usually don;t talk about knitwit momma on my bog, but this store is really really nice!

Monday, May 21, 2007

I've been tagged

I've been tagged by Mini, Laurie, Rebecca, and Chris
for the 7 random things Meme. I am supposed to tell 7 random things about me, and then tag 7 other people. So here goes.

1. I do genealogy. And while that isn't so odd in itself, when I research a person, I feel like I know them. I talk to them while looking for them in the census, ask them questions like I expect them to answer....and deep down....I really think they know that I a searching for them.

2. I can not move away from my parents. I can't. Just the thought of it brings tears to my eyes. I want to go back east so bad but I can't. If they will come with us I will move. If they won't? Then I am stuck in California. I don't think it would be so bad for them if I moved....but it would be for me.

3. I have to ice in my water. You have to put the ice in the glass first, and then pour the water over it. I can tell if you didn't, and I will dump it out and get new water.

4. I am terrified of bee's. It's to the point that my husband think I should get help. My children are starting to be afraid of them too. I really really have tried not to show my fear when they are around but I don't think I am doing that great of a job at it.

5. I love to eat out. On the other hand, I like to cook. Eating out is something that I love to do but it stresses me out. Eating out with 3 children is not fun except for the rare occasion that all children have decided that they would like to be little angles :-)

6. When I was a little my parents both smoked. I used to hide my Father's cigarettes in this old crock that my mother has. Or I would blow gently on them while it was in the ashtray so that it would burn faster. Dad would get so mad at me. One day I want that crock :-)

7. I am addicted to some TV shows. I LOVE CSI, and NCIS. I don't miss them. Thank goodness for TiVo. Oh and one last one..... I can not STAND IT if anyone calls me Jenny. :-)

I am supposed to tag 7 people. there are not 7 people in blogland that haven't done this. Oh wait. have to :-)

Oh and I have to say that this MeMe is awesome. My bloglines is empty, no new posts, so I have been clicking on the links to the people that everyone has tagged. I have found some wonderful new blogs that way!

Sunday, May 20, 2007


I added Haloscan back to the blog after the template change....and now I can find my blogger comments!

I know some of you asked where I got the template, I got it here. It wasn't hard to change, but I still have to go back in and edit the HTML so that my rings and etc. will show.

Also someone asked what yarn I was using for Butterfly. I am using Zpeyher Wool and Silk in Suede . I started it last night.... 3 times..... and 3 times, I frogged it. I WILL make this, and it WILL be beautiful :-)

Oh and Rebecca, just email me what you need from Ancestry and I will be happy to look them up! I will get the MeMe today!

Friday, May 18, 2007

OOOO I love this template!!!

I thought I would change the blog to something more summery! I am sure that the cows will be returned in the winter.

Tonight is my daughters open house at school. After that, I plan in casting on for the Butterfly Dress.....well, I guess I should call it the Butterfly Tank :-) Cath and I are going to knit them together....I can;t wait to get started!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Where life gets in the way......

I have been so bad about blogging. I've been bad about emails, knitting, AND blogging. School has been hanging over my well as KnitWit Momma. I think I will be showing at TNNA in Jan down in Long Beach. I plan on doing that one first and build up my experience for the big on in Ohio next June. I have a ton to do to get ready for it, but I am pretty excited. My first trade show :-)

I am also going to Petaluma in June to see the Yarn Harlot. I am always so jealous seeing other people that have seen her, I decided that I was going to go. OF course I asked Greg to go with me and he just gave me a smirk and said I really should ask my Mother. SO I did, and we are going and spending the night. I really am looking forward to some time away with my Mom....even more than seeing the Harlot!

My Mother and Father in law flew down from Montana. They were staying in Tahoe, and since that is only about 30 min from us, they came down to visit. It was a hard visit for me. My Father in law looks so sick. I just have to remember that he is in the middle of Chemo and Radiation, and that makes him sick. He has more testing done this week to see if the tumors are shrinking.
Image hosted by

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But the kids had a great time with Grandma and Papa. They wore him out, but it really was cute!

Well, that's all I got for you today. Knitting hasn't been really happening....I am trying to finish up some projects for school...I really should be doing that now! I was getting kind of tired of programming Macros in excel.....

Tell me why again Accounting is my profession of choice..............

SP10 Package

I have to post a BIG thank you to my secret pal. I think it's awesome that she read my archives and found some gifts that I just love, and that are so me! check out the packaging. each wrapped gift was numbered, and there was a small blurb about each gift in the card. I loved it!

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Look at that! BACON FLAVORED GRITS!!!!! I mean really..... can there BE anything better? I haven't tried them yet, I am saving them for a special occasion. Maybe one morning when I am all alone. Well, no, it will be another 16 years before I am alone in the mornings :-) The candle smells so wonderful, and the candy..... I am not ashamed to say that I ate it all. EVERY ONE of the peanut butter cups was eaten my me :-) The yarn is a beautiful hand dyed laceweight that will make a beautiful shawl or scarf!

After I took the photo's, I saw another little package. In it was cow stitchmarkers. They are the CUTEST stichmarkers ever. (ok, mine are cute...but these are awesome!)


Knitters Treat Exchange

I am s sorry that I haven't posted this thank you. My Knitters Treat Exchange package came and wow it was awesome! There was one little thing in the package that just made it so special.

Isn't the packaging so cute?

Can you believe all this great stuff? The yarn, the cookies, the cutest cow, Burt's Bee's, and the hand soap was all wonderful. But the best thing in the whole package was the bracelet that she sent me. It's hand made by small children, who were raising money. It's beautiful and is already very special to me.

So who was this very generous person? NYCity Mamma! Go say hello to her! She is in Virginia right now visiting family and I am so so so jealous!

Friday, May 04, 2007


I had to try and post this video. I had no idea that I could take video's with my camera! I promise a knitting post later, as well as pictures of my first SP10 package, and my Knitter's Treat package.

*** Ok, I have no idea how to turn this watch it with you head on your shoulder :-) Also, do you hear what Katie says? "Ben's bopping me." He has decided that anything, and I mean ANYTHING, can be a gun, or bopper as he calls it. Please tell me they grow out of it.