Monday, May 21, 2007

I've been tagged

I've been tagged by Mini, Laurie, Rebecca, and Chris
for the 7 random things Meme. I am supposed to tell 7 random things about me, and then tag 7 other people. So here goes.

1. I do genealogy. And while that isn't so odd in itself, when I research a person, I feel like I know them. I talk to them while looking for them in the census, ask them questions like I expect them to answer....and deep down....I really think they know that I a searching for them.

2. I can not move away from my parents. I can't. Just the thought of it brings tears to my eyes. I want to go back east so bad but I can't. If they will come with us I will move. If they won't? Then I am stuck in California. I don't think it would be so bad for them if I moved....but it would be for me.

3. I have to ice in my water. You have to put the ice in the glass first, and then pour the water over it. I can tell if you didn't, and I will dump it out and get new water.

4. I am terrified of bee's. It's to the point that my husband think I should get help. My children are starting to be afraid of them too. I really really have tried not to show my fear when they are around but I don't think I am doing that great of a job at it.

5. I love to eat out. On the other hand, I like to cook. Eating out is something that I love to do but it stresses me out. Eating out with 3 children is not fun except for the rare occasion that all children have decided that they would like to be little angles :-)

6. When I was a little my parents both smoked. I used to hide my Father's cigarettes in this old crock that my mother has. Or I would blow gently on them while it was in the ashtray so that it would burn faster. Dad would get so mad at me. One day I want that crock :-)

7. I am addicted to some TV shows. I LOVE CSI, and NCIS. I don't miss them. Thank goodness for TiVo. Oh and one last one..... I can not STAND IT if anyone calls me Jenny. :-)

I am supposed to tag 7 people. there are not 7 people in blogland that haven't done this. Oh wait. have to :-)

Oh and I have to say that this MeMe is awesome. My bloglines is empty, no new posts, so I have been clicking on the links to the people that everyone has tagged. I have found some wonderful new blogs that way!

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