Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Meeting the Harlot......

Harlot and I
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Petaluma was a blast. The talk that the Yarn Harlot gave was wonderful but really the best part was getting away for the day with my Mom. It was nice to spend some time with her without three little whirlwinds running around us.

Another very cool thing was that when I gave Stephanie a gift of KnitWit Momma stitchmarkers, she looked up at me and said " I know who you are. I know exactly who you are." That sure made me feel good.

Winery height=

The next day Mom and I took the long way home through the Napa Valley. We stopped at a few wineries and just enjoyed the drive.

When I got home, the kids greeted me by telling me that I had to see the spider in the garage. Thankfully it was already dead when they found it.

Spider height=

Would you look at the size of this thing!!! I am not sure what kind of spider this is, but I sure hope he was the only one living within 100 miles of us!

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