Thursday, June 07, 2007

Going to see the Harlot.

It's 8 am on the first day of summer vacation......When does school start again? *Sign*, it's going to be a long summer.

The yarn Harlot is going to be in Petaluma tonight and my Mother and I are going. I am super excited to be able to go spend the night away with just Mom and I.

Remember that oh so romantic trip to Tahoe? Didn't happen. Things were all set. Reservations at a hotel, reservations at Tahoe's best restaurant....plans for things to do.... and the day before we leave, THE CAR BREAKS DOWN. Greg was in a meeting in Tahoe, and on the way home the car dies. Turns out it was the timing belt. So all our vacation money went into the car. Oh well. We just have to go in the fall.

So anyway, not much knitting has been done....but I plan to do some tonight.

Pictures after the Harlot!

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