Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Socks, Yarn, and More!

I started this sock while I was seeing Stephanie speak in Petaluma. I didn't have any good travel knitting, so I thought a plain vanilla sock would be perfect. I bought this yarn off of Etsy, from Twisted. I just LOVE the way that the colors are striping. I have had 3 non knitters ask me to make them something out of this yarn. Sorry guys, this sock is for ME!

I also found this beautiful yarn on Etsy. I had read about it in a post from Laurie, I think.....so I jumped over to Sophie's Toes and read about their next update. I sat on the computer, hitting refresh over and over again just hopping that there would be one of this colorway in her update. I was so lucky that there was ONE skein, and I got it!!!!

Isn't it BEAUTIFUL!!! It's called American Patchwork. I can not wait to start knitting it.

I also joined a new sock club over at Wool Girl. It looks like it will be fun, and it's not a huge amount of money like some.

I am still working on Butterfly, but it's slow going right now. I can only knit it when the kids are in bed, and I have been so tired lately. I have a few orders and samples that I need to get made for KnitWit Momma. I am more than likely going to have surgery on my left hand to remove a cyst and I have a feeling that my knitting and stitchmarker making will be slowed down a bit by it!

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