Thursday, June 05, 2008

Schools Out for Summer......

Ok, who's singing the Alice Cooper song? Admit it, you were! Yesterday was the last day of school and boy am I glad. I'm not looking forward to having all three home everyday, but I am looking forward to not dealing with the other parents for a while. I thought I graduated high school....and that's all I have to say about that :-)

I put together two large fund raising projects for the Parent Teacher Club. One was a cookbook. I collected recipes, typed them ALL in, proofread, ordered, marketed and sold. ALL BY MYSELF. I have to say that I am pretty proud of how it turned out. $10.00 each and I ship :-)

The other one was our Spring Carnival. At least that one I had some help. I was the chairperson and I had two awesome woman help me out. It was a great time and we raised $4000.00 in 3 hours. Now for a town as small as ours, that is a huge amount!

Now that school is over, I have my time back. Although I need to learn to say no. We have a organization that is trying to stimulate economic growth in our town and I was asked to head up a committee in that as well. I am not sure how much economic growth there is going to be with the economy the way that it is.... but I have kept that opinion to myself.

Since I have been volunteering so much, knitting hasn't really happened. I have been working on a blanket for my Father in Law. It's kind of hard for me to knit it. Part of me feel that he can't pass away as long as I am knitting it. Then I think about how I would feel if he passes and I haven't finished it. I've never had a WIP that is so emotional! I am close to finishing and really need to plug through it. I don't have much time. He's forgetting most things and people now, and I would like him to remember who I am when he gets it. The tumors in his brain are affecting him the most.

Right now I have to go start reading. I start school on Tuesday night. 3 hours of English, 2 nights a week. Could I be any luckier? Of course reading is better than what I doing right now. I'm watching Work Out and eating cheesecake..... two pieces of cheesecake. I find that very funny ;-)

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Shelby said...

Yes, the Alice Cooper song is now in my head, thanks! ;) Enjoy your summer!!