Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Hey Moneybags.......

I'm worn out. Why do little boys have to be such little boys? The local ER has become on a first name basis with us this past week. One week ago tonight my darling 2 and a half year old was playing with some pennies. Pennies you ask? Why was a 2 year old playing with coins? Let's just say that an adult that lives here (there are 2 that live here, and I am NOT talking about me) let him play with them. Minutes later there was one less penny. Where did it go? DOWN HIS THROAT. He was fine but I was sure upset. After a call to the hospital Daddy and Ben left.

Hours later they were back. Ben was sleepy (it was 10:30pm) and Dad was a wreak. They did x-rays and saw that it was in his stomach, a good sign. The next day he was fine. Daddy just has the fun job of checking if the penny was out. Thursday was more x-rays to see the progress. It had moved into the colon but wasn't progressing as rapidly as they thought it should. They prepared us for the worst.... a colonoscopy on a 2 YEAR OLD!

Fast forward to Saturday night. Ben jumps off the couch and splits his eyelid. No ER visit, just some TLC from mom and he was ok. Sunday morning however TLC wasn't enough.

I was blowdrying my hair and in walks in covered in blood. He had cracked his nose on the hearth...the stone hearth. I thought that it might be broken because of the swelling, and the fact that it wouldn't stop bleeding. So back to the ER we went. No broken nose. It's just bruised and swollen still today.

But the good news...Ben made change! Thank goodness. Now if I can only get him to give 100.00's we'd be all set!

Knitting tomorrow I promise. I've gotten a lot done...I've been a bit worried about Ben ad the knitting helps. :-)

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Katie said...

Hey Jenn, I found your blog through Amanda's Yarn Aboard swap page. I have been reading your archives and this is the saddest, then funniest, post I have read in a long time. I was feeling so sad for your little boy, with all of his mishaps (I have a 2-1/2 year old son, too), and then you said "Ben made change!" That was great!

We have other things in common...my hubbo had the Big Snip last year too. I didn't cry till a few weeks ago when I realized that our baby girl is going to be a year old in a few weeks, and I'll never (likely) have another baby. Then I cried. Thankfully my hormones are now on a more even keel. =)

Have a great day!