Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Christmas Knitting….Christmas Mice and Christmas Balls?

Christmas is staring me in the face. I have so much I want to knit for Christmas presents, just thinking about it makes me tired. I have started the Koigu Patches of Berries scarf for my Mom and I have started one Liesel scarf. I plan on making 3 of them for various people. I thought I would have a lot of trouble with the Koigu pattern. It is very poorly written but it only took me a couple of minutes of looking at the chart to figure it out. I haven’t had to rip any out yet so I guess I am in the right track!
Patches Of Berries Leisel

I am using koigu #111 for the POBS. This is the first time I have knit with it and I love it. I can’t wait to make myself a pair of socks with it. I am using Karabella Aurora 8 for the scarf. This is great yarn. I love it! It’s my new favorite yarn. One day I would love to make myself a sweater out of it.

Sorry for the bad pictures. It’s raining so I have no natural light. Maybe that’s why I am so tired. I really could lie down and take a nap. And that’s saying something since I never nap, even if I have the opportunity.

I also finished up the front of Ben’s sweater. I will not be posting a picture of that disaster. One shoulder is about an inch longer than the other. That’s in my to be ripped out pile.

I think I will cast on for my Father in Law’s second sock tomorrow. I have to take my darling hubby to the doc for minor surgery. He is getting the big snip. Oh wouldn’t he love it if he knew I was telling the blogging world about that. I am not sure how I fell about this. I was the one that made the appointment and told him it was time but it seems so final. But really, we have 3 children, Greg is in his 40’s, I am violently ill while pregnant, and I am fertile myrtle. All signs are saying that this should be done. It’s just emotional for me. I may be crying in the waiting room tomorrow. Someone tell me I am not crazy :-)

You know it always seems like there is something wrong with this house. Either the roof is leaking, we have termites, the toilet breaks…..I could so on and on. Well we have a new problem. I brought up a box of Halloween items from the basement the other day and what was in the bottom? MICE DROOPINGS! Great. I know it’s common but mice…in the house…well not in the house but the basement is close enough for me. Thank goodness for the Clark man. He will be here on Friday to take care of the problem.

So now I have to go strip sheets and do laundry. Mom and Dad will be here tonight and I have to at least make the house look like I tried to clean it :-)

~Edited to add that surgery went well. I didn't cry......yet. I now have 4 children to take care of for the next few days :-)~

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