Thursday, March 01, 2007

And I thought March would be a good month for us......

This year hasn't started out well. Last month we saw the passing of my husband's Grandma. She was 96 years old. She had been in great health and just before Christmas she started to get ill. She was tired and ready to go. Her death was hard on me, but I am glad that I go to see her one last time while we were in Montana last summer.

March was supposed to look up for us. We should be able to pay off all our debt. This is a BIG thing. We have been working on this for almost 6 years now and paying it off will be a big accomplishment for us.

But the phone just rang. My Father in Law has lung cancer. Two types of cancer were found in his lungs. Next week will be tests to find out if it has spread. Surgery is not going to be done to remove the tumors. Chemo and Radiation are the plan for now.

Please keep him in your thoughts.

Oh, has anyone made a men's Chemo hat? Patterns? Pictures of the hats?

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