Sunday, February 19, 2006

LOVING the Blues :-)

Some time ago I was reading Teresa's blog, Knitting the Blues. For the ABC along she was showing off pictures of "blue" for B. In one she had this AMAZING (of course) with sheep on it. Turns out that she collects tea pots and sheep. I just fell in love with that tea's right up my ally, kind of folk art, country style.

Anyway, the next day she told this story about how her Mom buys her anything she comes across that pertains to what she collects. Even if it isn't really her style. I commented about how my Mother in Law is like that. She means well and I love her gifts but I collect a certain type of cow material..... I then get this email from Teresa telling me that she has this cow teapot and wants to send it to me. How sweet is that? I told her she didn't have to.... and look what showed up.

I love the back. So do the kids, they crack up when I turn it around!

I just love it and it is sitting on the windowsill in my kitchen where I am most of the day (3 kids=LOTS of dishes).

Thanks again Teresa and watch your mail, I am on a mission to find the perfect thank you gift!

Oh no, I just found that same tea pot with a sheep on it....I may have to get that. What did you start Teresa?

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