Sunday, February 19, 2006

Alllllll Aboarddd

Whoo Hooo, it was my turn to get the drill! Kate from Knits and Grits sent it to me with the most wonderful gifts inside. Not only were the gifts great, look at the packaging.

I Love that there were sheep stamps on the outside, and then look inside..... a pink explosion!

Of course Katie and Ben claimed the candy, and I have a feeling that they were meant to be for them anyway!

After unwrapping all the pink, this is what I found,

A beautiful skein of Opal Flamingo sock yarn (pink of course), a Clemson postcard, 5 inch Bryspun US2 DPN's, wool wash, stitch makers, and a stitch holder.

I have been dying to get one of those stitch holders, but haven't found them in any yarn shop I have been in. The DPN's look really nice and Katie says they are great. All of my sock needles are bamboo or birch so I look forward to trying them out.

Thanks again Katie, you made me "pink" :-) Oh and everyone, go look at Katie's kids, they are beautiful. I just want to hug her little baby.

This Yarn Aboard swap has been so much fun. Amanda had a great idea and she did a great job putting it together.

My box of goodies will be on it's way Thursday....I have to wait for the postman to bring one of the goodies that I am sending out. Want a hint to where it's going? A long way.......


Karen said...

Everything is awesome! I love that shade of Opal! Enjoy all your new presents! :)

Katie said...

Well, you did say you liked pink...I'm glad the package arrived safely! =) And I really hope you like everything.

I bought myself one of the DPN stitch keepers a few days after I bought yours, I thought they were so cool. I'm going to have to do gadget post here soon because they are so great for traveling with a sock on DPNs.

Have a great week!

Carola said...

Nice parcel. The flamingo Opal is surely great, I really like their rainforest collection. I love the knitting gadget!

Renee said...

Nice gifties!

Let's enable each other. You make the cabled hooded sweater, I'll make the green one and then we can tell our families that the other made us do it! Sound good?