Sunday, October 07, 2007

WIP, Sock Bag, and exciting news.

First off I would like to thank the owner of WEBS for trying to make things right about the vest pattern. She offered to refund my money for the yarn and the pattern, but since the total was under 20.00, I told her that it was ok. The pattern designer was the one that told me the pattern was not proofread or test knit, and well, after knitting it, I believe the pattern designer. At least WEBS was, and is willing to do what is right. All I want is a corrected pattern.

I decided that I have to get over my fear of garments. I have never knit one. I have started them, just never finished (and that is not entirely my fault!). I thought that I would start with a small vest for James. Knitting for someone with a 19.5 chest sounds good to me!

I am using the Blank Canvas Vest pattern, and the new yarn from Crystal Palace, Merino 5. I am really loving this yarn. It is so soft and it shows the stitch patterns nicely. I plan on making one for each of the kids.

Now my SP11 asked me what I use to take my WIP's in when I leave the house. Not too long ago I bought a Posey Sock Sack from Nana Sadie Rose. I LOVE it so much. It's only for small projects, but it works for a sock on the go or a small vest ;-) Someday I hope to order a larger bag from her.

Now for my big news....... Jimmy Beans Wool is my newest retailer for KnitWit Momma! They placed a HUGE order from me, and I am very excited to add them to my list of retail stores!

I'm off to make more markers!

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Pattern there a frog in the house?

It's been a long few weeks around here. My husband had surgery and I have been playing nurse. He hasn't been the best patient, he just won't let me take care of him like I should. Now he has gone back to work when he should be at home healing. Men. And because someone will ask, he had a mass of varicose like veins tied off. No, they were not in his legs....that's all I am going to say about that :o

On to the problems. I found a vest (Greenwood Cable) on Ravelry (here is the link to it on Rav) that I fell in love with. I waited and waited for the pattern to be released from Webs. It's a pattern or one of their new yarn lines, Northampton. Once I got my greedy little hands on the patten and yarn I casted on. I found the first mistake right away, but was able to correct it and plug along.

A few rows into the pattern it just wasn;t looking right to me. I found the next mistake in the lace chart. I caught it and kept on knitting. After one repeat of the cable and lace pattern I just HAD to email the designer. The vest was not tuning out ANYTHING like the picture. I even called Cath and my Mom to make sure it wasn't user error.

See, can you see the cable? Nope? That's because it is supposed to be reverse st st right up to the cable....but the chart has garter stitch on both sides of the cable....the cable just doesn't pop like it should. So here comes the frog part. Hurt my heart to have to rip that out!

Turns out that WEBS hires this designer to make the patterns. The only problem is that WEBS doesn't pay her to have it test knit, nor does anyone from WEBS proofread the patterns. I made a list of all the mistakes so far.....and remember I was only one repeat into the pattern.....and emailed them to the designer.

So I guess I am a little miffed. Doesn't usually a test knitter get compensated? Does WEBS make a practice of selling flawed patterns? How can they not look them over and make sure they are right? It is their name on it! Now there is this awesome vest, and I have no desire to knit it.

So anyway..... Tomorrow I will show you the new WIP. My SP asked what I carry my WIP's in when I leave the house. I thought I would show her instead of tell her, so look for that too :-)