Saturday, January 13, 2007

Anybody have hammer?

Because I want to use it on my laptop. The thing isn't even a year old, and already the hard drive is dead. DEAD!

Not a very big deal, as I an get most info off and onto the desktop computer, but my email won't open, and I NEED to get info out of it. But at this moment, it looks like a lost cause. About the only thing that I am able to do on this computer is get on the internet.

I could show you just how much of a sock you can knit while on the phone with HP, but I can't get the photo's off my camera and on to the computer...... The part that makes me panic is that I can not find all the CD's I will need to reload everything back on here. Photoshop, Norton, Frontpage, are all missing and I can find ONE of the TWO disks I need to put office back on the laptop.

I will show you pictures of my new ball winder and swift that my parents got me....just give me a few days :-)

I have a meme to do also. Laurie tagged me a few days ago. She told me to step away from the stitchmarkers....and she is so right! Orders are pouring in, and there have been many requests for samples.

I promise to post pictures, as well as do the meme as soon as I can.

Oh and please please please please only sign up to play this if you want to waste countless hours of your life on the computer.

Anybody seen my hammer?

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