Monday, October 16, 2006


A real knitting post WITH a FO coming in a day or two. Also an update in the whole Lupus - No Lupus thing.

Right now I am pulling my hair out as I study for my accounting test tomorrow night. Lat week I had no trouble with these concepts. Tonight? Can't get them. It's driving me nuts. Mr. Mama Llama where are you? I need your accounting brain!

And once I get the accounting done, Macroeconomics is calling out to me. I have that midterm on Wed night.

Thursday will find me on a plane to Orange County. I have a friend from high school that will be there for a business meeting. I haven't seem him in 8 years so I am running away for a few days to hang out with him and his wife. I have never been to Southern Cali (that I remember) so I am really looking forward to this trip!

Edited to add: If you read the problem correctly, and round to the nearest cent, and not dollar, the answers are correct. God help the general public when I get my accounting degree.

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