Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Leavin' on a jet plane.........

And where am I going you ask????? To TEXAS BABY! I am going to go spend a few days with my best friend, Catherine. You know, Mama Llama herself :-)

I have been waiting for this day for months now. I am so excited to have a little break from the kids. My wonderful, darling, thoughtful husband took time off of work to watch them while I go on this trip. I am hoping that in June I will get to take a trip alone to Montana with the same wonderful, darling, thoughtful husband.

So anyway, I am stuck in the Sacramento Airport....all because of Dallas. The flight crew was late getting in last night, and since they need their rest, my flight is delayed 2 hours.

Funny Story about Dallas and it's airport. BC (before kids) my parents and I flew to Oklahoma (that's a story in itself). This trip had a layover in Dallas and being Dallas, there were thunderstorms all around us. The airport was packed, and I mean PACKED, because airlines were canceling flights left and right.

While my parents and I were waiting for our flight (it wasn't canceled), I noticed a short woman....with tell tale spider eyes. It was Tammy Faye Baker. And the make up? Even worse in person. She was being followed around by a camera crew. This being the days before 9/11, I thought it was a TV station or something like that. Since I was standing right next to her, I leaned over and asked her is that ever got tired. She smiled politely and didn't say a word.

Fast forward a couple hours, and there we are on the plane. We push back from the gate and the plane gets grounded. So we sit. And sit. And sit. For HOURS. it was bad. It was late, around midnight I think, and the crew wouldn't serve us drinks, or snacks, or anything. All while a hell of a storm raged outside. And there, a few rows in front of me, was Tammy Faye Baker.......and HER camera crew. Boy did I feel like an ass.

After sitting on that plane I swore that I would never fly through Dallas again. Well I did, and what happens? I get stuck again. Lets' not even mention the 1 am phone call from the airline to tell me the fight was delayed. 1 AM!!!! Thanks for the concern, but I am a big girl and know to check the flight before going to the airport. So, insert big yawn here, I am going to go get a Cinnabon and a Coffee. (But don;t tell, I am supposed to be on that south beach diet.....and that Cinnabon has enough sugar in it to send me into a diabetic shock!)

***In doing the links to this, I found out that Tammy Faye Baker has cancer. My thoughts and prayers are with her!

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