Thursday, July 12, 2007

Of Yarn, Questions and Hurts......

On Yarn....

My Beautiful yarn that Susie made just for me. She was inspired by the colors of my wildflowers on this blog and made me this yarn. I have a couple of skeins of Susie's yarn in my stash, but it is so awesome to have yarn that NO ONE else will have. She may add this colorway to her her line up, but I will always have the first :-) Go check out her Etsy site and her yarns over at the Loopy Ewe!

Now on to my interview. Katie had a great interview on her new blog, Daily Thread, and then sent me interview questions. So here goes.........

1. How/where/when did you meet your husband? Fill in with all of the details you remember. I remember exactly how I met Greg. I had moved into The Quads in Boise, ID, while I was going to Boise State University. They are kind of like rent a furnished bedroom that connected to a shared living room and kitchen. When I moved in I choose a co-ed one. 2 girls room and 2 guy rooms. There was only one guy living there, and he was in Montana for 2 weeks at a time working. I had been living there almost two weeks when I walked out of the shower, wrapped in a towel. Now the bathroom door that is shared by the two girls opened up to a hallway. on the other wall is the door to the living room. So I walk out and see a man sitting on the couch, It's Greg. I change and come back to introduce myself. he doesn't deny it....not even a little....but he had a hard time looking at my face. His eyes were focused elsewhere if you know what I mean.
But he came to be my best friend while I was there. We didn't date each other at all while I lived there. In fact, I used to try and set him up! That was 10 years ago...and we still are best friends.

2. Which of your children is most like you, personality-wise, and why? This one is a hard one. My oldest is a LOT like me. She is headstrong, determined, and likes to be in control. All traits I have, and all traits that make me thing teenage years will be difficult. My middle child is the other side of me. He is sensitive and extremely kind, caring, and loving. I see myself in him as well. But then my youngest is outgoing and the class clown. I see myself in him too, just not as much as the other two.

3. Why do you knit, make stitch markers, craft in general? I started knitting for a strange reason, at least I think some will think it's strange. My maternal Grandmother knit and crocheted, and my paternal Grandmother just crocheted. My Grandmother taught my Mother, and I didn't want that tradition to die out. I never met y paternal Grandmother, Bertha, and I was too young to have my maternal Grandmother teach me. So this is a way to connect with the past generations of women in my family.
Now, starting a business with my stitchmarkers was something entirely different. I just needed to feel like I was contributing to the income of the family.....and it's fun :-)

4. Have you ever had a beauty disaster? If so, explain. Hummmm, a beauty disaster. Well, most of my hairdo's in the 90's were a disaster. I would show you , but don't want to freeze up your computer!

Now if you would like to be interviewed, let me know!

Now on to the hurts......

I have and surgery on Monday. Nothing major, just removal of a cyst. Minor surgery that gets me out of housework and dishes for a week :-)
But I have finally found out WHY my right hand hurts so bad. 18 months of tests, of being poked and prodded.... I have torn My TFCC. Triangular Fibrocartalage Complex. fancy name for a very small, vital of my wrist and hand. Surgery to fix it is major. Recovery is long. That makes it hard to get fixed when I need to care for the children. I think that in January we will have it done. My parents have offered to come help out, and Greg will be able to take some time off. Seems like my hand is hurting more and more these days and I really can't wait to have it fixed. Of course some of the pain comes from me not being able to take any meds until after the surgery on Monday..... and that leaves me a bit cranky :-)

Up next will be my awesome SP10 package...... I still need to take pictures! Of course minus the PEZ candy since my son ate it when I wasn't looking....but I did steal the COW dispenser back, Thank you very much :-)

**** searching for links about TFCC, I see one that tells what you need for surgery. One item is a surgical wrist shaver. Just want I want to know...

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