Friday, July 20, 2007


My hand is doing much better. The bandages are off and the swelling is going down. I tried to knit, and that didn't go over well at all :-) It's actually kind of boring sitting around being taken care of, so I have been taking pictures of my stash for Raverly.

I also came across this contest......My Rock Star Baby is having a contest and giving away the cutest baby set. I am not sure if they have it in James size, but I know it would fit the baby next door if I were to win it. They really have some cute stuff! They asked for Toddler sayings for their shirts.....all I can come up with is "Hold it right there Mommy" That's James new saying when I am going towards him while he is doing something wrong :-)

And now this..... I have way too much time on my hands....

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