Monday, September 10, 2007

Happy and Mad all at the same time!

The first person to help me with the codes to put pictures from my Flickr account on here will get any set of markers that they want! HELLLLLLLPPPPPP. (yes I know I can "blog this" but I haven't figured out how to make that work with more than one pic per post)

Right now I am so mad that I am shaking. SHAKING!

But first, this is a knitting blog so we will start with some knitting. I finished a hat for Kate. It's pretty, but I will never again use this wool for anything that someone will wear. It's just too scratchy for that. It's been banished to the FELT ONLY list.

Kate's Hat
Pattern: Ann Budd
Yarn: Pattons SWS

Also, I have been working on the cables blanket for my Father in Law. He is doing well. His tumors have shrunk with his chemo and radiation. I don;t believe that they are saying he is remission....just better. They don't like to tell us too much. I think that they are trying to shelter us from that fact that he is sick so it's like pulling teeth to get any information.

The yarn is the greatest, Lion Brand Thick 'N Quick, but I needed something that was a quick knit and something that they could throw in the washer and dryer. It's turning out nice even though the size 15 needles are killing my hands!

If you have hopped over here from Keri's blog, Hi (waves). She makes me blush with all the nice things she says about me. I will let you in on a little secret.... My doing nice things is a selfish act. See, my making someone feel happy, makes ME feel happy, and I like that.

I have always been like that. When I was younger, I lived outside of Washington D.C. If my parents were planning on a family trip to the city, I would pack baggies full of sandwiches the night before. I would take them with me and hand them out to the homeless. I can only imagine how my parents felt. I am not sure how I would feel about my own children approaching strangers.

I do see the same trait in my daughter. We go for pizza sometimes at a local pizza place. We always make sure to go with quarters so that they can play the games and get the trinkets out of the machines. Last time we went, Katie blew through her 2 dollars in about 1 minute. Turns out, she was giving her quarters to the little kids that didn;t have any. A parent told us that she was giving away her money and I think she was surprised that we were ok with it. It made Katie happy to see the other little kids smile. Why would we take that away?

So now that we have all the good feelings out let me tell you why I am pissed. By the way, I need to stop saying that. My 6 year old asked me if I was "Pissed Off" the other day. Ummmmmm, no Sweetie and we really shouldn't say that word. Do they have to listen to EVERYTHING I say?

Ok, sooooo Bank of America. Specifically the credit cards, THEY SUCK. THEY SUCK SUCK SUCK. We have been doing a credit counseling thing for 5 years now. I pay the CCC service each month and they pay all the credit cards. It's been working and we have 1.5 months left before we are blissfully debt free. 5 years of scrimping and cutting corners and it's almost over.

Well, I was calling to check balances last month and B of A tells me that I am all paid off. I have been all paid off for OVER A YEAR!I had a credit balance on my account of over 1000.00. Of course I asked HOW I was going to get that money back. They said that they had mailed a check months ago to me. Only problem with that is they mailed it to an address that I lived at 5 years ago. Now people that's 4 moves ago!

So they needed to research it and find out what happened to the check (I am sure it was sent back) and I completely understand that. They told me 7-10 days for research and 7 days after that to get my check. It's been over a month and still nothing. I know you have heard the phrase "the squeaky wheel gets the oil" soooooo squeak I have done. I call every other day for a status update. Every day I get a different answer. Today I was told that in my situation they will not be sending my my $$ back. I laughed at her and asked for her manager. Then she HUNG UP ON ME. HUNG UP. I called right back and her office is closed.

You better believe that I will be up at the crack of dawn...ok, maybe more like 6am, to call. No one hangs up on me. No One.

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