Saturday, March 01, 2008

I know I said I would post more.....

But I just haven't. So many things on my plate right now, and I just feel like I can't give attention to them all.

The big thing that I am involved in now has nothing to do with knitting at all. It's not all that exciting, or at least you wouldn't think it would be that exciting. I have immersed myself into the Parent-Teacher Club (PTC) at my daughters school. It been an eye opening expreiance for me. I have never, and I mean NEVER, been a part of a group of grown woman that act so much like teenagers before. I really have no idea who reads my blog so I won't go into specifics here, but really, it's drama ALL THE TIME.

It exhausts me to even think of all the back stabbing, name calling, and sabotageing that happens and this is a ELEMENTARY SCHOOL. I have been regretting my decision lately about getting involved with the PTC lately. I have decided to stick it out one more year. If next year isn't any better, then I am out of there. I think to some degree, things happen with every parent group, but I am sure that this one is just out of control.

Ok, vent over. Thanks for reading that.

Last weekend I went to Stitches West with my Mom. It was a great time. We drove down and stayed Thursday and Friday night. We hit the Rav meetup and the market on Thursday night and then did the market again on Friday. We stopped by the market on Saturday morning before we left and oh my goodness...the people were WILD. It was a great time with my Mom and a wonderful and relaxing weekend trip.

Photo's of knitting and Stitches stash next!

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