Sunday, March 06, 2005


I am not having a good knitting day. I have started a sock for my Father in Law 3 times so far. The first time, my stitches were twisted, and the last 2 times, I was knitting backwards. I didn't even figure that out until I was done with the ribbing and started to do stockenett. So I put the sock down.

I thought oh, I'll start my Kiri. You cast on using the provisional method. Something that I have not done before. After reading a couple book and looking at the diagrams, I tried it. Can't get that right EITHER! So I have put that down and decided to get on the computer. Maybe I am not supposed to knit today?

I bet I could pick my bag and knit on's just other stitches.....just knit. Think I could do that right?


Catherine Kerth said...

hey, not my night either! hillard was doing his no sleep trick again, and i was on the computer instead of knitting:) good news is, i cleaned out a container specificly for yarn and knitting supplies yesterday afternoon! yeah!

Tracy said...

OK want to see someone do a provisional cast on? In my sidebar on the right hand side near the bottom, there's a reference to useful knitting bits, Knitting at Knoon. Hit that and it takes you to some video, provisional cast on is one of them. I did what Polly suggests on one of my Kiris and that was crochet 5 chain and knit into 3 of those stitches. Even if you get in a tangle, as long as you've used different coloured yarn, you can snip the stuff away. It's easy to do honest!