Tuesday, March 01, 2005

I Love Packages

Today was a good day! I have gotten a lot done on my felted bag I love the way the Lambs Pride knits up. I may have to find a few more projects to do with this yarn.

I also got 2 packages in the mail today. One was my Cascade 220 color #9437. I plan to do Kiri with this. I hope it will turn out. The Kid Silk Haze just isn't something I thought I could work with yet. Plus I am SURE I will be ripping it out a few times, and I have been told that KSH doesn't frog well.Hosted by Photobucket.com Please excuse my 2 year old's chubby finger in the picture :-)

Last week I emailed Toni at The Fold about the Socks That Rock yarn that she carries. I wasn't sure of the guage or the weight. She emailed me right back and said that she would be happy to send me a snippet. I sent her my address and waited for the snippet. To me that would be a small hunk of yarn. Today I get a whole skein of Sedona. A WHOLE SKEIN. How cool is that? Now I know I will be ordering from her. She is truly a wonderful lady!

Also on the needles is a vine lace pattern Barbie blanket. My DD, Katie wanted a red blanket for her barbie. I wanted to try a new pattern so I am doing the vine lace pattern. I found it on the bottom of a Capelet in the spring 05 IK. So far so good. I am using Rowan DK....in a very bright red. I am not a big fan of this yarn so far. It's too itchy for me.

Well, I've done it. Pictures like I promised. How did I do?


Delia said...

This has nothing to do with knitting... but I am SO jealous that you live up in the Sierras!!!!! I would give anything to be doing the same!

Tracy said...

Your Cascade will make a beautiful Kiri and a wise choice for a first go. I think if I'd gone with the KSH the first time, I probably wouldn't have completed it. Koigu was so much easier! I am still to order from Toni, I will though, her yarn is just beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Reading about KSH takes me back to when I was driving on the 405 and ripping back KSH at the same time. NOT a good idea! KSH is lovely, but a complete pain. Cascade would be gorgeous. I'm looking forward to seeing your finished Kiri!

- MJ

Catherine Kerth said...

hey woman! post more pics on the felted bag. just started mine tonight, up with sick kids:( the barbie blanket is a pretty pattern.