Friday, May 20, 2005

Yarn, Chives, and Wool :-)

I have so much to blog about today! First off the recipe contest, I didn't win. Is it wrong to say that I was really disappointed? There were 5 finalists in each five categories. There was a winner in each category and then there was a grand prize winner. Only the grand prize winner won the $100.00. I thought that each winner got $$. I did get a very nice apron and a wooden spoon for being a finalist, and my recipes will be published in the paper. I'm happy with that.

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Here is a picture of Cath in front of Jimmy Bean's Wool in Truckee. It's in a very touristy location so we didn't look too silly taking a picture of it.

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I am almost done with my sock as you can see but two nights ago while I was knitting, I put the sock down and went into the kitchen to get some ice cream. When I got back to the couch there was a broken needle. Greg had sat in my spot and but his elbow on the needle and cracked it. No big deal right? IT IS! This is the second time I have broken a needle on this sock. Now I have to wait until next Wednesday to get more needles. Darn it!

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So I started the sweater for Ben. It's going well and I really happy that I am actually knitting a sweater. It may not be for me but I can make one for him I can make one for me! I am making it out of Encore and I really like it. Small amount of wool will keep him warm, and I can throw it in the washer and the dryer.... a must for a 2 year old boy!

I also make a dishcloth from here. It is the Montana one. Greg thinks the sun rises and sets on Montana. He is such a funny guy. When it was done he took into the bedroom and was going to HANG IT UP. I told him it’s a dishcloth, and I made it so that we could use it. He laughed at me. He wasn't happy when he came home last night and saw me washing dishes with it. I am not going to hang a dishcloth up! I told him I would knit the 4 states he has lived in, Montana, Idaho, New York and California and make him a pillow. He suggested that I make all the states we both have lived in and make an afghan out of them….ummm maybe.

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Look at my yarn taking a sunbath today! The Red on the left is a silk and rayon blend that I thought would become a scarf for my Mother in Law. In front of the red is a ball of fingering weight blue cotton/poly blend. I have 4 balls of it.....not sure what to do with it. Above the blue is a beautiful copper rayon yarn that I just couldn't pass up....I believe it's lace weight and was 440 yards for $5.00. The large hank in back if TwinkleToes yarn that got on eBay. I am not sure if I really like this stuff. I was thinking of doing a Calpotis out of (do I really need to link?) it. Not sure. In front of that is Lorna's Lace in Gold Hill. All that was left at my LYS was this one hank and I had to have it. I think that I will do socks wit this as the top ribbing, the heel and the toe. On the far right is more Lorna's Lace in Glenwood. These will be socks for me since I love the yarn so much!

I also burned myself again. Can you believe it? I should be banned from anything that could burn me. I was lighting a fire in the stove yesterday and the child safety wheel on the lighter got very HOT. It touched my finger and BAM, instand blister. At least this time I can knit!


J. said...

I always burn myself to, I hate it. Sorry you did not win the contest. I am sure it was yummy.

In respone y\toyour comment the other day, no i haven't eated there but have walked past that sign for a year and finally I had my camra with me.

Jenifer said...

Ouch~! Sorry about your burn! And thanks for the photo of Jimmy Beans Wool ... it's always interesting to see if these internet sites actually have a store! Jenifer

Birdsong said...

That was a great link... who would have thought that someone had taken the time to chart out how to knit the shapes of each state! Your yarns look bright and cheery out in the sun (sun, at last!)

LauraRN said...

Ooohh-- burned your finger!!! I've had several small mishaps, and must now put several bandaids in strategic spots before I can knit. If I could just get coordinated... Hey-- thanks for stoppin' by my blog. How did you find me?

lisa said...

I totally understand about hating that a needle is broken. While I have never broken one, I always seem to need a needle I don't own, and then I have to wait until the next weekend to go get them. It's always hard to wait when you want to knit NOW.

Elizabeth said...

I made the tank on my site in the medium size. My daughter is nearly 8, wears a size 7 clothing and has a 24 inch chest. The tank is snug, but I think it fits her perfectly. It's a fun, fast project. I made the i-cord straps out of four stiches,instead of three, and grafted them to the back using the kitchener stitch. Otherwise, I stuck to the pattern.
Definately save it for when your daughter gets bigger.

Lynette said...

Oh goodness, the link to the state patterns was a keeper. Wouldn't the 50 states make a cute afghan?

Aha, I suspected that's where JBW was. Well, maybe I will pay a visit up there this weekeknd.

Cyndi said...

Darn blogger - I just tried to post a comment... maybe it will work this time.

Sorry to hear you didn't win the recipe contest but at least you got an apron out of it! Glad that your sock and yarn have been enjoying the beautiful weather. :)

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the contest and your burn!!! Must not do anything to injure knitting fingers!

Leah said...

GREEN! It is GREEN where you are. Everything is green but wet hear. Rain is all we see. IF I put my knitting projects in the pretty greeness - they would be spoonge.....

Laura said...

Don't you hate it when something happens to your needles?! Then you have to wait to finish your project. That stinks!

Catherine Kerth said...

that sure is a pretty lady infront of that store:) :) :)
the sweater for ben is looking good so far!