Saturday, December 03, 2005

Knitting? Do I talk about knitting?

Ok, I'll start this post off with a little knitting content......

My SP6 sent me a wonderful gift a few weeks back and I never did take the chocolate and cookies are gone but I do have some pictures of the book she sent me. Also of the book that I bought with the gift certificate that she sent me.

She sent me the Handy book of Sweater patterns, and I bought Knitting on the Road with the certificate that she gave me....I love these books!

My Sp5 was great and my SP6 has been wonderful too but I am not going to do anymore SPs....go read the SP6 blog, it's gotten nasty and that's not what it is about.

Not much actual knitting has been taking place. I was making a scarf for a retirement party but I frogged it. I HATE the yarn that I was using. Debbie Bliss Cotton Silk Aran. Not a fun yarn. It hurts my hands and splits like crazy. I ordered some of Elann's new silk and wool to make it instead. The party was last night so the scarf will be late....(more on the party later)

In knitting related news......

Carola, the sweetest woman on earth and a sock knitter extraordanaire, sent me a package from Iceland. ICELAND!!! How cool is that? (no pun intended) She sent a cow purse, a puzzle, some beautiful yellow sock wool, and candy. The candy is not in the picture. I mean come on...Icelandic candy....candy from Iceland....between the kids, Greg and I, it wasn't around too long! As you can see the puzzle was a big hit. Katie LOVES puzzles. She thinks the cow purse is hers....ummmmmm cows are MINE! She said that it could be mine but I have to let her play with it. I can handle that deal.

Ok knitting talk is over, feel free to stop reading.

Anyone left?

I HATE THIS MOVING CRAP! The moving itself isn't so bad. Greg's company pays for movers to come, pack us up and move us. It's the being away from him that sucks. I am so isolated as it is, and my outlet was when he came home each night, now I don't even have that. Good thing he's the boss since I call him at work 50 times a day! Looks like we won't be in a new house until January. I think that in a week or so we will move into corporate housing until we can move in. I haven't been to look at the corporate housing but the pictures on the internet look nice. It's a 3 bedroom furnished apartment. I think I can handle that for a few weeks. By Tuesday I'll know more.

One good thing that happened is Greg and I went to a grown up party last night. We took the kids to my parents and then headed to Reno. Greg's boss is retiring and they had a party at the Atlantis. We even stayed the night. The first time we have left all three kiddo's all night. It was GREAT! I'm ready to do it again. Note to self: Next time if I am still breastfeeding James, BRING THE PUMP! All I can say is OUCH.

And just for Catherine, here are the Turkey's that came to visit me the other day. I was on the phone with her, I look up and this is what I see! We've seen Mountain Lions, Deer, Partridge, and now Turkey's back there. Our very own wildlife viewing area!

Ok got to go get in some cuddling time with Greg. He's off for another week on Monday.....this really sucks.

One more thing, coming back from Reno, my ears "popped" because of the altitude. One cleared and the other one is STILL plugged. Any suggestions so that I can have my hearing back?

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