Saturday, January 14, 2006

Yes I am alive....

Moving during the holidays is hard...moving anytime is hard. I am exhausted from all of it. First moving into a 2 bedroom corporate apartment....let me tell you that moving from a 3000 sq ft home into a not even 1000 sq ft apartment brings a whole new meaning to the words "close family". The apartment was nice but I am happy to be in a bigger space and to be with my "things" again. Can you believe that I had to put my YARN in storage!!!!

But now we are in our new home. The ex cat ladies home. The lady before us had 8 cats...8. Can you say STINKY? I am positive that she had the litter pans in the laundry room because it still smells like cat pee in there. I have vacuumed and scrubbed this whole house to get the smell out. I should buy stock in Febreeze..and that baking soda carpet deodorizer! So now you can walk in without wondering what that smell is....just don't open the laundry room door.

Christmas was great this year. It was the first year that Katie really got into it. All the kids had a blast and we spent the day having a great dinner at my parents.

My birthday was last Sunday. My parents and my in laws were the only ones to get me a gift....or a card. I'll not say anymore on that....(yup Greg is in trouble)

Other than that I haven't been doing much. I haven't had much time to knit. After unpacking all day and getting the house set, I am so tired I could sleep where I sit. Soon things will be better.

I did finish the Koigu pattern and start another when I find the camera!

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JessaLu said...

whew! Glad to hear all is well - except for the stink, that is ;o)

I wouldn't even be able to set a foot in that house so I'm very impressed. If the laundry room is carpeted and you can't get the stink out odds are that the pee went through the carpet and settled in your flooring (uck). If that's the case, you may never get rid of it completely unless you rip everything out and start over. (again, uck). Good Luck :o\

FYI - my captcha is 'agate' - I love it when they're actual words ;o)