Friday, April 14, 2006

Grits and Sticks

Kris informed everyone through her blog that April 14th is world grits day. She and Katie decided to do a Grits with Sticks photo shoot. I of course had to play along. Now I love some grits in the morning. And my favorite way to eat them is so so bad for you.

I cook up some bacon, crispy, crumble the bacon in the cooked grits and then, are you ready for it? I pour some bacon grease into the grits. OH MY GOODNESS. It is the most wonderful breakfast in the world. I can see my Dad now, shaking his head as he thinks how my arteries are clogging. But really, I don't do that too grosses my husband out (Damn them Northeners)

I am headed to Florida next month and I plan to bring some grits back. All that I can find here are quick grits, and instant. Quick I will buy, instant? No way. And while I am there? I will eat at a Cracker Barrel. I LOVE Cracker Barrel and there isn't one anywhere around here. My sister lives in Gainesville, FL and I hope that there is one by her. Ah, 5 days of not being Mom. I can not wait. I so deserve this.

Now for my Grits and Sticks photo.

This is the Bijou Scarf from Morehouse Farms. I keep dropping stitches in it and not finding them for an inch or two. I think it's the lace weight yarn and the size 11 needles. This should be a fast knit but it's not. At least not for me.

The colorway is Meadow and it is just beautiful. I really do love the yarn. I will be ordering from them again!

Dinner and Children Call!

Edited to add: I do not add ALL the grease from the bacon, just about a teaspoon to the whole pot. It adds the bacon flavor to all the grits.

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