Thursday, June 15, 2006

So whip me with a wet noodle

I know it's been a while since I last blogged. What kind of SP hostess makes their people blog once a week but yet slacks herself? A crappy one!

In my defense I have been busy. School has started. Summer semester is shorter than fall and spring, so there is a lot of work to do in a short time. In one class I have 2 assignments and 2 quizzes a week. Finding time to do the reading has been a challenge.

I do have thank you's to say! The first is to my Vacation Swap pal, Michelle. She made the Bucket Hat from Chicknits.I just love it! She also sent a PERFECT soft cooler. Really, the cooler fits perfectly in the van between the front seats. She sent a small battery fan, a freeze pack for the cooler, pink flip flops (they are already in the van), and a couple packs of Lik-m-Aid. The kids thank you and thank you for the candy! And also not pictured is the beautiful soft yarn that she sent me, that is already in my stash waiting for the perfect pattern.

Isn't the model cute :-)

I also need to say thank you to my Knitters Tea Swap pal, Cynthia. How cool is to have a pal whose blog you read? Cynthia found the time to put together a wonderful package for me in between running the Warming Grace project. As a thank you I'll be knitting some squares, won't you knit a couple too?

Cynthia sent me a lovely mitten pattern and yarn form Fleece Artist. The colors are just beautiful. I also got three types of tea, two tea diffusers, biscuits, tea cakes, and toffee. Oh and a FELTED TEA COZY! Can you believe that she made this for me...and the poor thing sewed on so many buttons to a felted piece? She is just amazing!

And Katie...she thanks you for the tea cakes. Really, this American had never had them and when Katie took her first bite, her face LIT UP. I big mound of frosting and chocolate. She as in heaven. She told me to thank my nice friend so Thank you Cynthia!

And my last thank you is to Glacia. That lovely woman sent me a box filled with Time Out bars for Greg. When I called him at work to tell him they had arrived, he almost yelled. He told me to hide them from the kids, and not to eat any. I didn't eat any but I did try the coffee bar...YUMMY. I LOVE chocolate from outside the US. I'll keep her supplied with grits, and she sends chocolate!
She also sent some sock yarn, notepads, notecards, footsoak, soap (that Katie took), and cards (that we used tonight). Thank you so much....and Greg thanks you even more!

I really haven't been doing much knitting. School really has taken that time away from me. I did work on a sock while watching Katie at her gymnastics class on Wed. I've only been working on this pair for a year now!

Now for a funny, kind of , story. Today we were outside playing. The weather was beautiful. 72 was the high. You gotta love the California high country! See our backyard? See that we live IN the woods?

We kept seeing a helicopter circling overhead. The kids thought it was kind of neat. I didn't think anything of it. Lots of people have burn piles this time of year and I figured it was keeping an eye out for one that got away. Well turns out that it was looking for something. A BEAR. Lovely. Greenville had Mountain Lions, and now we have Bear in the backyard. We might stay inside tomorrow!

Knit on People!!!

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