Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Needed to post this

Here are my questions for the stitch marker swap....

Do you prefer shorter or more dangling type of markers? I prefer shorter ones... I need to clarify this. I like the dangling ones the best...more than just the rings...I just don't like ones that are L O N G dangles :-)

Is there any kind of markers that you would absolutely NOT want to recieve? No

Colors you like most? Earth tones and pink

Colors you like least? Red

Would you prefer markers for smaller or larger sized needles? The largest needle I have used is a 10 1/2

Do you want your sender to reveil themselves when there shipped or at a later date?
and How would you like to find out if at all?
I would like to find out...maybe at the end of the swap? But it really doesn't matter to me!

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Allena said...

thanks for stopping by my blog! it looks like your SP really spoiled you! how fun!
have a great day!