Friday, July 21, 2006

Not the best day

Knitting and yarn pictures have to wait. I've been having some trouble with pain in my hands. I went to the doc a month or so ago. They sent me for x-rays and saw nothing wrong. I was told to take ibuprofen for the pain and come back if it got worse.

It got worse. A few days ago I woke up with a swollen wrist. The doc sent me to an orthopedic surgeon. All he could say was yes, your wrist is swollen. His first thought was that I had Rheumatoid arthritis. He sent me in for blood work.

He called yesterday and said everything was fine. He thought I might have a cyst, and if it flared up again to call him.

Today he calls back. One test just came back today. The test was an ANA screening. My levels were elevated. This leads him to believe that I may have Lupus. Did anyone tell him I am only 28! I'm too young (yes I know that teenager can get Lupus.....but I think I am too young for this)

So after getting off the phone and having a little cry, I called Catherine. My Mother was at work, Greg in a meeting, my good friend Shawn was on a conference call.....and I really needed someone. Cath rallied the Texas family and I was soon in possession of a lot of Lupus info. (to Shawn's credit, he did call as soon as he could.....and Greg has been calling about ever hour)

But is it crazy that I don't really want to talk about it. Blogging is different. I'll blog until I can't anymore (which might happen) but I don't want to talk face to face about it. Is that strange? I had to tell Greg to stop calling. I don't want to talk. I have laundry, and cleaning to do. I don't even want to look up any information on Lupus.

They are sending me to San Francisco to see a specialist. I need more tests to determine if Lupus is what is going on.

*sigh* I would think that this was a mistake, but a joint in my ankle started to swell last night, and when I told the doc that on the phone, he said that I needed to go see the Rheumatoligst right away. Great.

I'll be fine.....unless they tell me I can't knit!

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