Saturday, September 09, 2006

Mail Call

I really am a lucky gal! My KSKS partner sent me the best, and I mean BEST, gift ever. She made me a Noni Bag!!! ( I can't link because I am not sure which one it is) I love it. I can't tell you how much I love it. She also sent me a big bad of tootsie rolls (now gone), a Fiber Trends pattern, Tootsie roll pens, a tootsie roll bookmark, a tootsie roll note pad, (do you see a theme here?) The Fiber Trends Magic Loop book, a se of DPN's, an Inox needle to try the magic loop, AND Art Yarns sock yarn. Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, in this package is perfect!!! My partner was Knit Vicious. And the coolest thing is she is local! I hope one day to see her at the LYS, I think she loved the bag she made me as much as I love it! Wanna see it?

Now look at the bag :-)

You want it, don't you.....

My awesome SPA was Rebecca from Socks-For-Mum. She was so awesome with her encouraging notes and letters. This is my final package from her. She also sent me the new Vouge Knitting magazine. I have never been a fan of it but this issue has some great articles and even a few patterns that I may just have to knit.
Rebecca also sent me some bath tea, note pads, and she knit me a dishcloth! The dishcloth is already in use. Greg grabbed it and used it tonight! Nothing nicer than seeing a man do dishes WITH a handknit dishcloth! She also copied a book on CD, Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austin. Now I read a lot, always have. This is one book that I have not read. I am looking forward to listening to it at night while I knit. She said that she didn't send me yarn because she didn't want to tempt me to knit ;-) And she's right, I should be resting my hands. (but I'm not)
Go check out Rebecca's blog. Her socks and pictures are just beautiful!

I do have a FO to share. I finally finished socks that have been on my needles for over a year now. Right now they are blocking on the most beautiful sock blockers that I have ever seen. See, now you can't WAIT for my next post can you?

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