Sunday, April 24, 2005

8 Days and 7 Nights........

We are home from the hospital after 8 long days. Mister James is doing much better, in fact today he acts like he is no longer sick at all. I wouldn't wish RSV on my worst enemy! He was such a great little patient. The nurses all told me that he was the happiest sick baby that they had ever seen. I was told that there were cases of RSV this year where the babies were so listless and lethargic, James was never like that. He needed oxygen and nebulizer treatments, and we have an inhaler for him here at home.

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I am so blessed that I have such a wonderful husband. He watched Katie and Ben the whole week. I couldn't stand the thought of leaving James' side, so they would make the 30 min trip every day to come and see me. Ben, who is 2, had a hard time. There were a few days that he didn't even want me to look at him. I think he was mad at me :-( But all is back to normal now that James and I are home.

The only good thing about the hospital was I could knit. I really only knit the first few days there. I was so worried and I needed something to do. After about the 4th day, I was getting a little stir crazy, along with lonely...and I didn't feel like doing anything. Thank goodness for the nurses who didn't mind that I talked their ear off. At one point there were only 2 patients in the hospital, so they had a lot of down time!

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I got some great surprises when I got home! The first was a RAOK from Grenadine Girl It's a really cute felting kit for a little pouch. The next was a very nice card from Caitlyn wishing all of us better. And last but not least was a 15.00 gift certificate to Amazon from Romy. Plus all the comments and emails really made my heart warm. It's nice to know so many good thoughts are coming James' way. Also a big thank you to Catherine for helping me make my blog look so cute! I love the yellow and pink, my two favorite colors!

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I also got my KnitPicks order, and my Elann order. I am just too exhausted to knit anything with it! I got 4 skeins of knitpicks Sock Garden, and 2 of the Sock Landscapes. Plus I got 2 skeins of the Alpaca Cloud for a scarf for my sister.
The Elann order was their
baby cashmere for a shawl that I might get to one of these years!


Tracy said...

I forgot to add yesterday that I'm glad to see you're both home! I think you deserve a little me time now to try and unwind from all that stress.

Elizabeth said...

So relieved to hear you're home and all is well. That must have been a very scary experience.! Look at all the fabulous yarn that welcomed you back.

Anonymous said...

Welcome home baby! It looks like your yarn deliveries were perfectly timed to cheer you up when you got home.

-- MJ

Elizabeth said...

I will post on my blog how to do the art project you liked. It is very simple.

sUsAn said...

Wow, what a time you've had the past week or so! Glad that your little one is home now and doing better.

margene said...

What a sweet little one. Glad he is well. May he thrive!

Birdsong said...

So glad you are home again! We have watched RSV go through the children's center, and one child was even hospitalized, but he was 4... much scarier with a tiny baby. I am glad you had your knitting (check out my post about knitting in hospital last week; my son Cody broke his femur snowboarding and needed emergency surgery).