Monday, April 04, 2005

Something's bugging me......

And you know what it is? TERMITES! Can you believe that we found the little buggers crawling around on our floor! They have tunneled through the wall and are dropping on the carpet. It's a good thing that we are only renting this house.....but we were planning on buying it this year.

Not only do we have the termites, but the addition of the house (where the termites are) was not built to code. So there is very little space between the soil and the floor. So now we need to have a contractor come in, pull up the carpet and flooring, and dig out the soil. We are going to lose the carpet (not exactly a bad thing). So when all of this wok is going on, the children and I will have to go stay somewhere else. Mom and Dad are you ready for us?

Even though we don't own the house, it's stressful to have to deal with this. Our landlord is an older woman, and pretty much leaves all the "planning" to us. She just pays the bills.

On a good note, today is my son Bennett's second birthday. My sweet little boy is growing up. Why do they have to so that. Can't they stay little forever. Guess it make me sad to celebrate their birthday's now. Since we are done having children each little milestone seems to make me sad......or maybe it's just hormones (can I blame them? James is only 8 weeks old)

I also got accepted into the ROAK ring this week. That made my day. I have had 2 gift certificates for
Adagio Teas already. One from Lu and one from Samanatha. I also received an ecard today from Sedie. How cool is that. Thanks so much all of you!

Now tomorrow we will all be driving to Reno to go see my in laws. They are flying there from Montana for a small vacation.....Reno is perfect for a day trip, maybe I'll even get to do a little shopping. (That would be yarn shopping of course!)


KnitnMomofboys said...


Violet said...

yeah, What??

KnitnMomofboys said... the post is there - just so everyone doesn't think that Violet and I are being jerks! :)

Sorry about termites and other problems! Happy Birthday to your son! And, have FUN shopping!!!!!


Cyndi said...

Eeeww - termites! That is awful. What an inconvenience for you. :(

Happy belated birthday to Bennett! (we share a birthday!)

Hope you had a great time in Reno.

Violet said...

Yuck! Termites would bother me too!

Have fun in Reno. and Happy Birthday to Bennett.

Elizabeth said...

You'll have to check out Jimmy Beans Wool when in Reno, though perhaps you live close enough to Truckee that you shop that location already. They have really improved their selection in Reno. It's great now.
Have a nice trip, and sorry to hear about the termites. What a drag.

Tracy said...

It sounds horrible. I hope you get it sorted. Is your yarn safe?