Thursday, June 09, 2005

I was knitting for Summer.....

It's crazy weather here. It's June and it snowed a little higher up a few nights ago! We have had fires in the stove for 3 days straight. Crazy stuff I tell ya. Last year I was dying of heat and cursing the company that made us move here where NO HOUSE has AC! Anyway, I'll take the cool weather as long as I can get it. But look what is going on behind out guest house

Because of the rainy weather, I haven't had any natural light to take pictures in. So bear with me...these didn't come out too badly. First is the ROAK that Kristin sent me. She had sent Laurie, Green-Eyed Grrl, a ball of Sockotta yarn and I fell in love with it. I had her pick me up a ball at the LYS that she works at. When I got may package, this was in it.

The yarn that I wanted, along with another ball of pink Sockotta, a very cute notecard with a hat pattern that I HAVE to make for my DD, and the coolest little sissors. I LOVE it all. Thanks so much!

I started a new sock out of KnitPicks Sock Garden in Pansy. I think these will be for my Sister in law, Pam for Christmas or her birthday. She loves purple and lives in Montana where she needs warm feet :-)

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I have to say that I love to knit socks. They go fast and I need some uncomplicated knitting for when the kids are awake. Lace and such has to wait until bedtime or I KNOW it would have to be ripped out!

I finished the back of Ben's sweater. It's just a simple pullover knit all in stockinette...nothing too exciting but hey, it's my first sweater so I didn't want it to be too hard!

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OOOO and I also got some yarn on eBay for a Booga Bag! I love this stuff it's Noro #40. I think it will be for my sister...she LOVES blue and thinks that the dishcloths that I sent her are too pretty to use! Can you tell she doesn't knit!

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I have been surfing the blogs and I found this really cool one. Lou's Ends. Do you SEE the pattern for the Lattice Lace Wrap? It is BEAUTIFUL. And it has BEADS. I would love to try this one out. I have the right yarn in my stash, I just need beads. This will be going on my to do list of projects. And thank you to Lou for telling how to do thumbnails on the blog!

I leave you with a picture of my oldest, Katie. This blanket that she is sucking is a Cashmere and Silk blanket knit by my Mother. Katie sucks on it. Always has. Sucks = Felting. The beautiful blanket is now felted. Ans she still sucks on it. It's gross. It stinks. I have to wash it ever couple of days. It's so felted that you can wash and dry it now. If she sees me do it WATCH OUT.....gross.

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Maureen said...

Hi Jenn,
Did you take haloscan off your blog? I still have it on mine, but I'm not so sure I like it.

Renee said...

Have fun with your Booga Bag. They are quick and it is sooo exciting to see the next colour start up.

How does that knitpicks sock yarn feel? I like browsing their stuff on-line but I always wonder if it feels nice. One day, when I pick out enough "stuff" I'm going to place an order with them. They charge quite a bit to ship to Canada and I'm waiting till I have a big order so it doesn't hit me so hard.