Monday, June 20, 2005

Socks, Socks, and more Socks.

I am a sock knitting woman! I finished the first sock for my Father in law a week ago. I didn't really want to start the second one right away so I started one out of Pansy, Sock Garden from Knitpicks. I should be able to finish it tonight if the kiddo's cooperate.
Father in laws sock out of trekking, Pansy sock

I also joined Image hosted by . I got my sock pal but SHHHH I can't tell you who she is. I will say that she doesn't have a blog so I hope she likes what I make. I ordered some Regia Silk sock yarn in these two colors.

Image hosted by Image hosted by

I might make my sock pal a pair out of one color and then gift the other two to my Mom. Hummmmmm the knitter that I am spoiling in SP5 is a big sock knitter so maybe if I really like the yarn I'll order her some too.

I decided to make a few stitch markers. So far this is what I have done. I really like them and think I make make a few more tonight. Now I am hoping that Cara does another Bead It swap.
Blue polka dot beads
I keep finding lots of patterns that I love and want to make. I think that's the hardest thing about being a knitter. Too may patterns, not enough time. I have been finding tank top patterns that I want to make but the weird thing is....I don't wear tank tops! Strange huh?

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