Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Late night web surfing

Well, since I was up in the middle of the night with James (he has a little cough....I have been reassured that it is NOT RSV again) I did a little web surfing.

I found out that Soap Fiber Girl is doing a stitch marker swap. Sounds really cool. It's ongoing for 3 months and you get a set each month. I joined, go check it out!

I also found a needle swap done my my friend Catherine. Check it out here.

And this, found the link on Knitting Arrows blog. These would make great stocking stuffers. I think I may order some roving from them and give it a try! Never would have thought of felted soap!

And Tuesday is knitalong day. I am going to cast on for my sockpal2sa socks tonight. I think I am going to use some Lorna's Lace in Glenwood. Now the pattern I am still undecided on. Maybe the cutes and ladders from the Six Sock along.

And last but not least there is now a web ring for JENNIFERS! How cool is that?


Jennifer said...

Signed up for the knitting Jennifers ring. Heh!

Renee said...

Very pretty yarn you have picked out for your sock pal! Hmmm, chutes and ladders, huh? Maybe I should take a closer look at that one.

Allena said...

those socks are cool! they look super comfy!