Monday, June 27, 2005

SockPal knitting.

Well, I started my socks for my sock pal. I decided to jump right in and make the Waving Lace socks from IK's Spring 2004 edition. This is monumental for me because 1. It is my first lace project and 2. I am using Lornas Lace for the first time. I love the softness of the yarn but I am having a hard time with it splitting. I was afraid that the pattern wouldn't come out in this variegated yarn but I am really liking it. Right now I am almost through my first pattern repeat. I would be further along but I had to tink back a few rows. Lace knitting and referring children do NOT go hand in hand. Tonight I will have some alone time....DH has a Rotary function that will keep him out late....and the kids will be asleep by 8. YIPEE!!!!! So maybe I can get a whole other repeat in!

Another spot of good news, The LYS here is going to be selling my stitch markers! I just need to package them up and get them to her. I am at a loss as to what to charge. I thought that 10.00 for a set of 5 or 6 sounded good. She wants me to charge 17.00 Would you really pay that much? Please comment and let me know what you have seen beaded stitch markers going for....and how many in a set.

Speaking of stitch markers, have you seen Erica's? They are beautiful!!! I would love to take pictures of mine, but either my camera is too basic to take a close up shot, or I am just too dumb! I'll have to wait until I see my parents again. They have the digital camera with all the bells and whistles.

I purchased a kit for a shawl from BlackBerry Ridge last night. It's the Violets by the River shawl. I was thinking the this might be a good Christmas gift for my Mom. She's a shawl lover. She almost always has a shawl on during the winter.

I was also able to score a bunch of Cotton-Ease from Tuesday Morning. I am keeping some for my stash but the other will be going on eBay.
And hey, go congratulate Cath on her first sweater! I can't wait until I can say that I have done that too!


Lou said...

Hey, that sock is looking pretty good! Congratulations on your success with the beaded stitch markers. That must be very exciting! I say go with your LYS owner's instinct on the price. She should know her clientelle. You can always reduce the price latter (if necessary) but it's hard to increase the price without alienating some of your customers.

Laura said...

congrats on selling your markers! That's really cool. I think the price depends on the quality of materials used in the set. I do think that 17 is too high. Hey you never know though. Good luck with it! I hope you can make some cash!

Renee said...

My LYS wants to sell stitch markers too so I've been keeping an eye out for them in shops. I saw some today that were going for (brace yourself) $50.00 (Canadian) for 5. They came in little watchmaker tins with extra jump rings (small ones were on them and bigger ones came with so you could interchange them). Each tin seemed to have two made from regular beads (glass, semiprecious, crystal) and three from fimo type cane beads (don't know if they were handmade or premade and just sliced). Despite all the extras, I thought this was a wacky price. The Knitpicks catalogue is selling 4 for $14.99.

Kira said...

I love your socks so far. I also have chosen Lorna's Laces yarn for my Sock pal's socks and it looks fairly similar to your colour! I haven't yet started knitting although I did a swatch picture for my blog!

Erica said...

Thanks for the link! Pricing is one of the hardest things about selling something that you have hand made. Add to that the huge difference in prices from one store to another and you get confusion. It'll all work out.