Thursday, June 02, 2005

A whale of a time

Before I start with my you see it? Do you see it? Tracy made a banner for me and I am so excited. Actually she has made 3 or 4 banners for me....but this on is my current pick. No cows have NOTHING to do with knitting but I love the little buggers :-)

Wow.....I have had a lot going on the last week or so. First off my inlaws were here for an inspection...whoops I mean visit. Things went ok I think. I think they had a good time, I was a little uncomfortable. I only see them once a year and I don't really know them well. It's just different than my parents. I would call my Mom my best friend....we talk at least once a day. Greg hardly ever talks to his parents. Ok, that's not true. He calls a few times a month but that's hardly ever compared to how much I talk to mine. They stayed at the house for a week, then left Memorial day weekend.

I didn't get much knitting done while they were here. I did make a few dishcloths for them to take home, and I finished the back of Ben's sweater but that's about it.

Right after they left, I did another very silly thing. I put half a pan of lasagna down the disposal...ummmm WHAT WAS I THINKING? It clogged. Greg spent 2 days getting it unclogged. These two days consisted of him crawling in the crawl space under the house, two trips to the hardware store (30 min drive each way), and a lot of mopping. At one point I called a plummer but it was $170.00 for them just to come to the house on a weekend. So I figured I would live with it until Tuesday. Greg got it unclogged. He is my hero. He didn't even give me much of a bad time about clogging the drain! Now we have to go under and put a trap on the main when I do this again it won't be so hard :-)

My Mom and Dad came up on Saturday and took my daughter down to their house fro 2 nights. She has never been away from home overnight before and I was worried about her. She had so much fun, she didn't even want to call me. I on the other hand was so lonely! It's amazing how much I missed her NON STOP talking! I was so happy to see her when she got home. What am I going to do when my Katie-Bug goes to school?

Then yesterday we took the kids fishing. They had a blast. Katie and Ben both caught their first fish ever. (blugills) Ben had more fun playing IN the water and touching the fish....but it was a nice family outing.

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And because James wasn't photographed while fishing.....

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