Tuesday, March 21, 2006

We have a winner!!

Emy guessed 15 inches. She was the closest, we had 18 inches. Since then we have had about another 18....I am so sick of snow. Just this morning I was out clearing the driveway again. I talked to my Aunt in upstate NY and they have NO SNOW on the ground. Don't you think there is something wrong with that picture?

I have not really been knitting. My wonderful husband got me a laptop computer, something that I have been wanting for years. Being able to take it with me when I go do genealogy research will be so helpful! Now if only I could get a small portable scanner..... :-)
Most nights I have been playing with it...and not knitting. I did pick up my knitting again yesterday. Relaxing and knitting really helps when you have something that oh want to take your mind off of.

I got my first STR club package yesterday. I didn't really like the color at first but it is really growing on me. I think with a pair of tan pants it will look really nice. I do love the pattern, it's just beautiful.

Sorry no pictures but I don't really have anything to show! I have to go pop a chicken in the oven for dinner...I am making Chicken 'al La King, one of the kids fav meals.

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