Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Everything is on hold.....

all works in progress are on hold. I haven't felt much like knitting the past two days.

Yesterday at 6 am I got a call from my Sister in Law. Her husband is in the Army, special forces. You know, the kind of soldier that goes on a mission but can't tell you where he is or what he was doing.....Well anyway he has been deployed to Iraq, and he was shot. Not a fatal wound but a serious one nevertheless.

For the past two days my sister in law has been playing where in the world is my husband with the Army. Right now he is in Germany, and soon he will be on his way to Walter Reed. He is in intensive care and on a ventilator, the bullet when through his lung and collapsed it. It entered his back and exited his neck.

I wish that there was something I could do for my SIL. She is going crazy in NC, and we are here in Ca. My Mother in Law is going to fly out there, and I hope she get some comfort knowing that if I could just up and leave I would.

They have two young daughters who are taking it well. Their youngest is so sweet. She just wanted to know if Daddy has a big hole in him or a small one. When Becky told her just two small ones she said "Oh then that's OK"

She has asked me to knit something for her so all my WIP are going to be put aside. What to make her is the next question. She really has no use for wool in NC. maybe cotton socks? I don't see her in a shawl.....Maybe a bag....

I have another friend in Iraq as well, and after emailing him and asking him to be careful, he tells me how they exchange fire with the resisters everyday...great.

By nature I am a worrier......I can't even imagine what the mothers and spouses of our deployed troops feel like. They are much stronger than me!

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