Friday, August 19, 2005

Whoo Hooo....

I am on my way to finishing my sock pal socks. I am on the gusset shaping of the second one. I really liked this pattern and will have to make a pair for me. I can't wait to send these off to my pal. I really hope she likes them.

Now here is my yarn haul from last week. There is some of Knit Picks new merino lace weight yarns ( the purple solid and variegated, and the green) and some yarn that I picked up at Filati's yarn sale. One ball of Rowan Kid Silk Haze to make some Airy scarves, some beautiful Regia stretch, and some Sidar Snuggly for a cardigan for James. There was more but I am sending it off to my SP.

I decided to make the Lace Leaf Shawl for my DH's Grandmother. Claire is 96 and doing very well. She really is a wonderful woman and I love to go visit. Not that we can do that much, she is in Montana, but when we do I really enjoy her stories. I think that she will really like the shawl. I had planned on making out of Lorna's Laces but now I am thinking alpaca would be better. Montana is COLD in the winter!

Now a story to make you laugh..

The night before last I heard Katie crying in her bed. I jumped up and was going to see what the matter was. I guess I was in a hurry....I didn't want her to wake her brothers up....well I tripped over the Fisher Price Barn that was at the end of the bed. I tore a chunk of skin off the bottom of my foot and...ready....GOT A RUG BURN ON MY FACE. Can you believe that? A rug burn? You can not imagine the smart ass comments that Greg and I have gotten about it. Now that it has darkened...I look really silly. It's raw between my nose and my upper lip. Not to mention that I am hobbling along because of my foot.

Ok so it's not funny but a RUNG BURN ON THE FACE.....yeah, go ahead and laugh. If it wasn't me I would laugh!

And yes, my yarn is lounging on all the wood that Greg is splitting for winter.....we think we will need 5 cords to get us far we have about 3.


Jennifer said...

Nice yarn haul!

That rug burn on the face must hurt!

Gina said...

HAHAHA ok got that out of my system.. Been there done that and been made fun of because of it! lol

Very nice haul. Hope the burn is feeling better!!!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to be off the subject -- but I can't find an e-address for you and am forced to clog your comments. I'm delighted you like the spiral scarves but fear you have me misidentified -- I'm just rams. I expect the "did you get my package?" was addressed to Stephanie? and she won't be back till Sunday, but/so she probably did.