Sunday, May 21, 2006

My Vacation

Thank you to everyone who sent me well wishes on my trip. I had such a good time. I was a bit jet lagged when I got home, but other than that, that trip was just what I needed.

This may sound crazy....and I am sure it will to all of you that live in the south.... but hear me out.
I had a layover in Atlanta both ways on my trip. The Atlanta airport is huge, and of course my flights were in different terminals. To get to another thermal, you have to go underground and walk or take a twain. Once I got to my correct terminal and took that escalator upstairs, the heat and humidity hit me right in the face. It felt SO GOOD. Getting a drink and hearing that accent made me so happy.

The whole time I was in Florida I was so happy. The weather was hot and sticky, the voices were beautiful, the whole state was beautiful. Flying over the western half of the US was brown and dead....then you get to the Southeast and everything is green and beautiful. I didn't really "do" anything while I was in Gainesville, just spent time with my sister and her family. It was very fun and very relaxing.

Whoops, forgot to add that I was so happy to go into a restaurant and order a sweet tea. SWEET TEA! And I didn't get looked at like I was an idiot. When I first moved to Ca I remember going to KFC with my Mom. Now I am no big fan of KFC but they always had the best sweet tea. So I order one. The girl looked at me like with a blank stare. Then told me they had sugar I could add..... I almost cried. No more sweet tea for me. And yes, I drank a couple gallons of it while I was there :-)

I came home and told Greg that we need to go. I want to move back to the east coast so badly. California has never felt like home to me. I am an east coast girl at heart and I need to go back. Greg would be happy to move there in an instant but as much as I want to go I can't. As soon as I can convince my Mom and Dad to move with us, we are out of here :-) I'm giving it 3 to 5 years. Then I HAVE to be back in the south. We are thinking the Carolina's.....maybe Georgia.

Anyway, I got NO knitting done. I was just too tired on the flights to do any, and too busy with my niece and nephews while at my sisters.

I have a FO to show, but it's for a swap so I'll post after I have sent it off.

Oh and go tell Cath congrats on naming a Socks That Rock colorway! Can you believe all the free yarn she got!

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